Bond iO RF Bridge

Has anyone attempted to integrate the Bond RF bridge into Vera? Now that the device has local control, users on a few other platforms are successfully adding. Figured I’d ask before starting to try writing some basic support.
Looks like it’s controlled with relatively simple html calls:

Indeed, it looks very straight-forward. Anyone able to write plugins should be able to do this.

Nice that it uses a local IP address and doesn’t need the web.

Just found this 4+ year old post while looking for the same. So…

In this intervening 4+ years, has anyone written a Vera-to-Bond integration?

(Doubtful, now that everyone seems to have moved on to Ezlo, but I wanted to ask.)

Just had a quick look at their Local HTTP API for Bond products page.

You can probably just send curl HTTP commands in some Vera scene with LUA code to send the curl command using osexecute.

That would give you some basic control over your Bond device like On or Off or whatever.

There was also a third party plugin for creating “virtual” devices on Vera that can send HTTP commands to control endpoints. So maybe take a look at that also.

Actually I’ve just seen there is a V2 version of that plugin.

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Ha!, that’s exactly what I ended up doing. I created two Vera scenes, “Open fence gate” and “Close fence gate”, with the Lua code to os.execute the curl command to tell the Bond bridge to TurnOn or TurnOff the wifi gate control of the linear motor. Works a treat.

And then I scheduled the Open scene to run at the same time as my mowing robot’s schedule for cutting the front yard, and the Close scene to run two hours later (giving the mower plenty of time to complete its work, considering that it will have been charged to 100% so can do it all in one go).

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