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@Pitt13, was the motion sensor excluded from this controller or still included but the status is unreachable?

Hi @Oleh
he is excluded

I don’t kow if it’s a firmware, app or connection problem. Sometimes the devices tab doesn’t show any information with my Eurotronic thermostats. Then it looks like this:

While it normally looks like this:

Sometimes no device is displayed at all. After updating they are then back.

Could I check if any work has been done for zigbee devices? Looking to add some to test, but if the devices aren’t yet implemented, will hold off for now.

My ezlo Plus is on the latest ezlo firmware, and my App is on the latest beta version for today’s date, yet I’m still noticing that intentional triggers of my (only) Scene do not result in the user (me) being notified! It’s supposed to fire when my Schlage BE369 deadbolt transitions from “Secure” to “Unsecure” (using the “is Secure” NOT logic).

Meanwhile, manually running the Scene does send the expected email notification. I know I’ve mentioned this exact issue a half dozen times before, but … isn’t something wrong here??

Couldn’t add old Eurotronics Stellaz thermostats. The controller shows that unpairing is successful, but pairing never works, the same with the Heiman HS1CG-Z sensor. When trying to add devices that the controller knows but using the Generic Z-wave Device tab, the controller adds only the parent device, but not the child devices (for example, this is how the Fibaro Flood Sensor behaves).

I unlocked my test deadbolt on Saturday. Today, more than 48 hours later, the related Scene ran and I received email notification.

I’m unable to tell you whether the Scene was delayed in running, or the Notification was delayed in arriving. Either way… this is a continuing problem.

Last night I got a few emails that the “Thermostat fan is turned OFF” of all of my Eurotronic Spirits:


There is only one thermostat with two scenes for setting the temperature at day/night (which works well by the way). Could it be that this was initated by the automatic firmware update 1.5.1088.1?

Not sure what to call this one. This morning I woke up to find that alexa was no longer properly controlling my Zooz Zen16 multi-relay device (via the Ezlo Plus). Some troubleshooting revealed that somehow the “master” switch, that turns on all the relays, had gotten switched with one of the individual relay devices. I swapped the names around, and fixed my alexa routines to point to the proper device, and now everything is functioning properly again, but it’s a little odd that they somehow got swapped in the first place.

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Currently trying to add alexa to our ezlo plus - it has been lined to our vera plus, and wondering how to remove the link, is it to disable the vera skill in the alexa setup?

Trying to add to ezlo via the android app:

click on add ezlo voi, “select the system you want to connect to your smart home”, “sorry, something unexpected happened, please try again later”

I’ve had the add die a couple of times, before that last message appears, and will kill the app.

If you are trying to add alexa skill for ezlo plus then you will need to add the ezlo skill in the alexa app.

Thanks, done that, still get the same :frowning:


Connecting the Vera app to Ezlo VOI is not the same thing as linking your Ezlo hub to the Alexa skill.

I have my Alexa linked to both my Vera Plus and Ezlo Plus.

As stated you need to also link the Ezlo skill in the Alexa app and then in the Vera gateway portal on the little drop down menu there is an area for Ezlo Alexa and you select which devices on the Ezlo Hub you want to expose to Alexa.

Regarding VOI that should also link to your Alexa account so you can then send text commands from the Ezlo hub / scenes to control devices connected to Alexa but that are not directly supported by the Ezlo hub.

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More GUI issues with the Android app.

Button controls just randomly disappear, look at the plugs no on / off buttons!

If you drag down to refresh they come back

I’ve also seen weird things appearing on devices like a LUX level item on a device that doesn’t even have anything to do with LUX.

Many refresh issues and glitches in the current Android app.

All devices just vanishing is also a problem.

It’s extremely buggy!

Incorrect KW readings also being displayed, no idea where its getting those high figures from.

Same devices in the Ui7 Web GUI.

Thank you for your bug report.
The issues were reported to Android team. Could you please tell us the version of the app you are using?
Thank you,

Hi Adina

I’m always using the latest version.

There are more refresh GUI issues also which I reported recently here

Thanks. .

Hi @cw-kid

how do you access the web interface of the Ezlo Plus? It is Vera no ?

Top secret :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am using the new VeraBridge for Ezlo plugin…

I’ve added my devices on the Vera Plus to also be on the Ezlo Plus.

Yes the Web GUI is the Vera Plus…


Thank you for your answer
does the plugin work well? stable? what can you do with it on the Ezlo plus?

It enables you to create “virtual” devices on the Ezlo Plus that mirror the real devices on the Vera hub.

So for example when you turn on / off a device on the Ezlo hub it actually controls that “real” device on the Vera hub.

So ideal for testing the Ezlo platform apps without actually unpairing your devices from the Vera hub etc.

Yes it’s working OK so far, there was a few bugs which Rene has already fixed.

Hopefully he can add the extra device types not currently support by the plugin.


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