Beta feedback Ezlo Plus

Ezlo Plus is supporting now very wide range of ZigBee devices.
It would be great to have a feedback about your experience with Ezlo Plus and ZigBee.

@Oleh any news on the Xiaomi Aqara Zigbee device range?

I tried to add a temp humidity sensor but it did not pair at all.

@Mobilniy, thanks for the details.
We are checking this case.


Thanks for the description, we will check it with the cloud team and back to you.

@Odysee, thanks for details.
Did you see this behaviour before ? or just after update to 1.5.1088.1 ?

@ibrewster, did it happen with the update to 1.5.1088.1 ?

As reported before, the smartthings multi sensor pairs, but only as a temp sensor.

I have managed to pair a xiaomi aqura mini switch (scene controller) but no functionality.

Thanks, I’m impressed. Using the latest firmware tonight, just added my axis gear blind controllers and innr sockets nice and quickly, much more efficient than my veraplus!

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Found an issue, when trying to create a scene, in landscape (on iOS), can only see the device settings and a done button. Turning to portrait, I see there are some options for when to action.


What’s the model number of your Zigbee Innr plugs SP222?

I have the same with the xiami temp device. Never seems to complete.

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Yep sp222, they work, but show as a dimmer socket.

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Wow £200 each more expensive than I thought they might be.

Well, it was after the update. I can’t say for sure, as I don’t think I tried the specific relay that was swapped between when I installed the update and the following morning when I discovered the issue, but it seems likely.

I’ve checked my emails and found the same notifications (Thermostat fan is turned OFF) sent at 01. September 2020. I don’t know if there was an update at this date.

@LibraSun, can you send the serial number of your Ezlo Plus please.

From Xiaomi Aqara series of devices we are supporting now motion sensor and working on support of:
Xiaomi Aqara MCCGQ11LM Door and Window Sensor
Xiaomi Aqara DJT11LM Vibration Sensor
The target is to support all of the Aqara ZigBee devices.

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@tony-park, thanks for a description, sent it to mobile team.

@tony-park, we are working on support of all Xiaomi Aqara devices, it’s not done yet.

@Odysee, what is the serial number of your Ezlo Plus ?

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