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Hi guys,

Since the Ezlo Plus boards are on their way to some of the Beta testers is time to create the space fo gathering the feedback.

Please use this post to report any bug, improvements, problems etc. you encounter with the Ezlo Plus board.

Happy testing!

UPDATE: I’m adding here the Beta Test general guide for the Ezlo Plus, to be easy to find. Beta Test Guide.pdf (102.1 KB)
P.S.: It’s going to be sent also in the email with the tracking number to each Beta Tester.


Ok received mine. Connected started, doing some basic testing with APP. No issues so far.


Can we have your observation please.
is it faster etc?
is it responsive to your commands?
have you used the local mode?
how fast lets say a light on instruction is executed?

much appreciate your feedback and time!

So far everything trouble free. Quick setup, quick connection, etc.
Upcoming days will add some more devices and make some investigation and start doing some basic scenes. Local mode work as expected. It’s not possible to SSH to the unit, so not too much details to review, test.
Impressed how small board is it (far smaller then thought). If I come across with any issue - will post it here. Of course Qubino devices do not have native integration like on my Vera plus - so well known behavior with I2 is there. But will be fixed with proper settings of associations when native integration is there.


Here is my experience in the nutshell. It’s tested with just ZWave 5 devices - and switches, dimmers - no complex devices tested yet.

Boot process, login, APP:

  • Boot -> Superfast - it takes max to 10 seconds to be fully operational.
  • Responses from mobile application are super fast - better then Imperihome. Can’t judge how it’ll be with more devices 32 or so.
  • Limitation is, that there is no access to logs, Variables, etc. So I don’t know if devices are polled e.g., can’t change Params, settings for devices - instant update works like expected

Devices - inclusion/exclusion.**

  • super fast and trouble free. It’s matter of few seconds, really impressive.
  • devices
  • S2 works like a charm. No issues detected, I like the way how it works during inclusion process.
  • Some Qubino devices need native integration to enable I2;I3. Can’t change Params, associations groups neither.


  • basic logic is implemented and works as expected
  • not yet tested more complex scene then OR, AND…etc.

Just 12 hours with it, but I’m very happy so far. This is what I expected from my Vera Plus, but seems Firmware make huge difference. At the beginning, I was in doubt if it wasn’t mistake to bet on new Linux firmware on Vera… I’m now clear that not. Can’t wait for Linux Firmware for Vera and will wait for it patiently.


Lets see if we can improve the 10 seconds even further in the future releases.
Logs, variables etc…all coming in the future releases…
please test with as many devices as you can. We want this to work “Superfast” even if you have 231 devices! We did promise to give you the best device in the market! That’s what we will do! Its a team work between our engineers and our users. With this combo, you will have the best HA product!

Again, lets see if we can improve on those “few seconds” but sometimes its not us but the device that doesn’t respond quickly…but we won’t stop our efforts to improve even further.
we’ll look into Qubino native integration and params and associations etc…(these are all detailed features that are coming in the future releases)

We want to test with as many complex cases as we can. Please let us know your further feedback as you play and get to know the system more.

Firmware does make a HUGE difference! Thank you for recognizing that. Now that we have a great FW framework we will continue to build more capabilities. What we will do is
1-Add new capabilities
2-Improve existing capabilities
3-Improve performance
with almost every release! And at the moment we have 2 weekly releases.


Has anyone else received the device? I can’t wait to test it.

Nope, in the meantime almost two weeks stuck in Ukraine ???

Spoke to Swedish Postnord yesterday and its still in Ukraine… they said 2-4 weeks

Same here. The tracking stops in Ukraine at May 23rd.

Received mine yesterday here in Finland, now I just need to find a power supply and some devices to test with…

sorry to tell you guys but we are waiting for feedback and experience in this post, not your comments to know if you received your boxes and your problems with post and mail, avoid polluting the subject if please

it does not come with power?

So this is on topic???


Just picked mine up, Denmark.

Will start testing soon :slight_smile:


great to hear!
would love to have your feedback…thank you :slight_smile:

I have now done some basic test in the new Ezlo Plus

Hardware used:
Ezlo Plus (Firmware Version: 1.0.22)
(Huawei 5V 2A HW-050200E02 phone charger as power supply)
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge vith Vera Mobile 7.40.455

Qubino Flush 1 Relay
2 x Neo CoolCam Door/window Sensors NAS-DS01Z
Aeotec Door/Window Sensor 7
Fibaro Door/Window Sensor 2 FGDW-002

Xiaomi Aqara WSDCGQ11LM Temperature Humidity Sensor

Adding removing rooms works as expected, really fast and smooth operation.
Adding removing devices also works as expected, surprisingly fast and smooth with all z-wave devices, some integrated and some paired a generic device but all of them usable.

The only ZigBee device I had available failed to pair so not much to say about that.

Simple scenes were easy to create and works then also as expected.

Overall all available functionality works and it works fast!
The Ezlo Plus is surprisingly smal compared to the VeraPlus but way more powerful.
I cannot wait until we get more advanced functionality to the Ezlo Firmware like plugins and advanced scene capabilities like in Reactor so I can move all my automation to the Ezlo Plus.

Another observation is that now that I have the Ezlo Plus in my Vera account I could also login to the Ezlo Dashboard-Configurator. But so far it feels really unresponsive and I have not been able to create a dashboard yet.



Yes, it is shipped with the power supply as well, but it looks like when the packages were prepared few of them were missing by mistake the cable.

Please write to me in DM with the email address you used for enrolment and we’ll ship the power supply with the enclosure when is available.

in Android app, go to settings…then customer care…Firmware version is reported there…

Great to hear its fast and smooth!
We spend a lot of time in engineering to give our users a really fast controller that works with everything.

hmm… no problem…lets find out what it was, so that we can make sure its integrated asap.

great to hear!

Thank you! We will continue to make it faster and more powerful with every release as we add more functionality as well.

Yes, we are working on this next! We have created the APIs so that plugins can be written, we also have Http capability in our firmware that we are releasing today!

Yes, dashboard will take another 3-4 weeks before its ready for proper alpha testing…

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We’ve just pushed a new update for the Ezlo Linux fw that runs on Vera Edge and Ezlo Plus controllers, including the API documentation Melih is talking about. You can check it here.

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