Best way to migrate zwave network from vera lite to ezlo plus?

From my understanding there’s no direct migration due to different syntax but I thought at some point they were working on a possible solution.

You can add Ezlo as a secondary controller to your vera…

Awesome thanks! I’ll mess around with that later today.

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No luck on this. In attempting to enable learning mode, it starts and then immediately says, “connection time has passed. Tap on ‘enable learning mode’ button to try again…” Rinse and repeat. I placed the ezlo plus directly next to my vera lite. Any ideas?

Why isn’t there a way to just upload the zwave backup file (.tgz) from my vera lite into the ezlo plus? Because of windows to linux?

This is truly going to be a -itch if I have to add everything back in but c’est la vie.

Same issue happen to me.
Ezlo started learning mode and after a few seconds presented the “time passed” message.
In these few seconds the VeraPlus was able to find it and add it, but since the configuration wasn’t finished the Vera showed “getting secure classes”

Is this really working? As so far most of the people can’t do it!

I was able to add the ezlo plus into vera lite. That pdf is missing the first step, i.e. add generic zwave device into vera lite before enabling learning mode on the ezlo plus. However, this process still didn’t work. First, there was no DSK code. Next upon starting discovery it said there were only 9, which is fine, but then after attempting to sync it ended up saying no devices were discovered and cancelled the process. Now, so far, I’m unable to delete or unpair the generic device from the vera lite and the ezlo plus doesn’t recognize its connection to the vera lite after it cancelled the discovery process. So if I attempt to repeat I’ll just end up with a bunch of unremovable generic devices in the vera lite.

There is also another on going thread here about the same topic / problems.

Thanks I read through that one as well. I wanted to make this thread for vera lite since the last firmware was a couple years ago and might be a slightly different issue occurring with it compared to the vera secure.

I was able to get the generic device removed. The vera lite doesn’t have much memory. I manually removed some older lzo files from plugins I don’t really use anymore, backed up and reflashed. Clearing that memory allowed the ezlo as a generic device to be removed. I haven’t re-attempted adding the ezlo back into the vera lite yet, might try this weekend and update on this thread again. I’m hoping it will work this time with more memory available.

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