7.32 Vera Firmware - Beta Release

Agreed. It was literally the only “next thing” I was clinging to for my EOL Vera Plus, although gotta hand it to the (former?) team: The beta release is rock solid and non-problematic, as others have repeatedly stated above.

Dear Vera (Plus) users, it seems we will never get an answer here and Vera Products are EOL. I am OK with EOL but not with the behaviour behind. First announcing betas and user tested with enthusiasm in the field and then nothing….

Anyway, I tried the beta4 on 4 VERA Plus and the beta4 seems to be “rock solid” on my devices. I have no problems since month on a 24/7 VERA running in a remote vacation home. It is so reliable that I change my mind migrating to HA on a PI4 with a z-wave stick.

For those users have problems on there legacy VERA, I would recommend to go for the beta4. Please make a backup as usual.


Worth a try. Where can it be found.
It seems betas has been taken off.

I’ve just had a look - Beta 4 is still up. See post from Jun 4.
[Link is](Vera Plus: https://dl.mios.com/rl/732/mt7621_Luup_ui7-1.7.5386-en-mios.squashfs 63)


I also raised a support request to try and get some news on the release status, or at least some official update on the forum. I repeatedly asked that Ezlo post something, as we have seen nothing about it since Beta 4 release announcement on June 4th. As that request has been ignored, I’ll post the responses I did get from Support, (although they are not particularly informative :zipper_mouth_face:) …
Oct 25:
" My Name is David, It will be my pleasure to help you today.

There is no ETA to issue 7.32 Vera Firmware - Beta Release, We will be maintaining support for the platform as we have done over the last ten years, we’ll be making maintenance upgrades on an as-needed basis to ensure full functionality.

Oct 30:
I’m glad that the 1.7.538 firmware beta version 4 is been working fine and stable for you, we are not contemplating the idea of “unsupport” vera controllers anymore instead of that our team is working hard to ensure full functionality so you can upgrade the other vera box but for the moment I do not see any beta 5 release forecasted or about releasing this FirmWare
Nov 8:
We sincerely apologize for this delay, as far as the team informs any update we will be contacting you. I won’t close the ticket, It will be “On-Hold”. Take care.


THX Octoplayer, this is confirmation enough for EOL. It`s a shame the way ist goes. As I said new products are ok but it the way it takes…
Even in Germany no EU EZLO is available…

I would suspect that the support costs of releasing the new firmware is likely not worth the improvements they were going to include and wasn’t leading to a path to the new EZLO devices (in otherwords the current released firmware is stable enough that they don’t want to upset the status quo and have likely moved the dev team to other projects), Beta 4 was just the last bits of work they team completed before they could fully wrangle and re-org internally.

Yes but still, if they can come to a “good end” with Vera plus/secure, i´m sure a lot of this users will consider moving over to the new Ezlo platform.
My Vera plus is working fine, but i´m also aware its been running for some years and could potentially break down in the near future. And i do have a plan if this happens, that plan does currently not involve Ezlo.

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Sorry, but not.
Reasons to move:

  1. Smooth migration
  2. Support for all modern devices.
    It’s expectations


  1. Migration from Vera to Ezlo too hard.
    All LUA code base are lost, new controllers not found in shops.
    If i need to rewrite all code, what a reason to move?
    If i need to rewrite all, what kind of toolkit i can choose? NodeRED from IBM staff, well documented, with thousands components, good debugging, transparent logic and more, more, more…
    Or Reactor-type scripting tools for simple scenes only?

  2. The number of devices supported is underwhelming
    If you would like to compare the number of devices supported by HA (Z-Wave, Zigbee, BLE, WiFi and clouds) with Ezlo, do so right away.

I’d like to make that - impossible to move to ezlo. Ezlo hardware is not available.

Ezlo is also ignoring other problems with vrra, local connect does not work unless you turn on a temporary workaround in chrome or edge. That workaround will stop to work some time next spring. Apparently the first line support for some reason claim to not know sbout that issue.

Ezlo is not keeping the promises regarding vera, that they initially made. These promises are hopefully readily available in the old forum. I have nonidea what is hapoening with “ezlo on vera” ie the “linux” ezlo code running on vera hardware.

This is all a shame but it’s just adding to the disappearance of the developer crowd that made this a good experience at my beginnings in 2017 as they have been banned/gave up. I had been contemplating what to do and my short list ended up with Homey Pro and Hubitat and finally decided to go Hubitat.

During the course of this week I have been migrating a few devices a day, so far about 58, with 30 or so to go. The experience so far is being excellent, the community forum is great and above all, the responsiveness and reliability of the exclusion/inclusion process added to the responsiveness of the devices once included is amazing when compared to the sluggishness of the Vera Plus even with 7.32 beta 4.

The Rule Machine appears to not be as powerful as the almighty Reactor but as I have yet to migrate all my devices, I haven’t yet gone very much into rebuilding my automations. There is also one built-in app which seems excellent, HSM, which helps build safety related rules using water sensors, valves, intrusion sensors and so on. I have already rebuilt my flooding prevention system, using a Popp water mains valve and Aeotec water sensors and it’s already up and running.

The ease of adding community device drivers and/or building one’s own is a breath of fresh air compared with Vera as well.

It’s a learning curve but so far with ZERO exasperation, which I have endured a lot since 2017 with Vera.

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Fully agree, I already start testing HA as a bridge. The point what drives me really angry is that the VERA Team didn’t response at all and completly ignore this post. As said before, EOL is ok with respect to new procucts but don’t leave the legacy customers behind. Even in Germany the new hub is not available and I have no chance to migrate with my 4 VeraPlus…

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HA is indeed impressively dynamic on how fast community development moves!
I run HA already parallel next to my VerPlus.

IF HA would have something equally intutive like Reactor I would have switched already.
I"ve also worked with the multi-reactor running as a container on my NAS and “ported” the Vera Reactor logic to MSR but still.
The automations thing in HA still is to me very unfriendly to use, especially if complex and nested sequences checking a lot of states like I do in 1 minute on Reactor…

Would it be THAT complex have HA equipped with a similar Reactor engine…eg as a plugin or something.

On a side note; I did the final upgrade to 7.32 Update 4 last week. I must admit I was a bit scared after reading some of the comments here. This will be the last update ever I guess. It stops at 7.32/U4

Supply chain issues…we are working on it…
1)We are coming up with a way to move devices from Vera to Ezlo…(using Ezlo as a secondary controller)…
2)Supply chain issues…trying to sort it…(its crazy crazy silly supply chain problems…)…

Also we have been building https://ezlogic.mios.com/ as an automation engine with a dashboard (it currently works with your old Vera (if you have the bridge plugin). )

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Reactor is not an only solution.
If you can compare it with NodeRED (flow-based engine, developed by IBM staff), it a child.

For example, typical job “When somebody come throw garden door, send a photo from CCTV by the Telegram, if nobody at home”

5 mouse movement to place nodes on the screen
4 mouse movements to connect
5 clicks to fill parameters (select devices)

For example, “garden entry” - is a Vera device yet (now and up to 2 weeks), but nobody cares anymore.
And a dashboards. After death of Imperihome, there are not many dashboard tools with the device-based access control.
Can you give native Vera “dashboard” to you children? Can you block “change” to boiler thermostat, but allow to change children room thermostat and dimmers?

Please, tell me, how to move devices, if Ezlo hardware not found in Russia?

As mentioned before.
We are at the mercy of the supply chain problems! It will be resolved…just a matter of time.

Thanks for that link. I was not aware of it and it does explain why I have additional controllers when I log in to home.getvera. But I could not find the bridge plug in when looking through the Vera Plus apps. I searched under bridge, ezlo, and mios. Perhaps it has to be externally installed?

I had previously installed Vidoo and attempted to add camera being controlled by Blue Iris. I only spent a few minutes since I am not sure if the password I am using is correct, although it works in Blue Iris. Regardless, those 4 cameras did appear in the ezlogic screen, which is very nice.

Here it is:

Vidoo integration into ezlogic will be more complete beginning of January…

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There seems to be a bug in Vidoo when attempting to add a camera that it has detected, it didn’t accept my correct username and password either.

Instead I had to manually add my camera and its url and login details etc and that way worked.

Very good - I did not see that post. I’ll have to budget a few hours this weekend to work on that. Thanks also to @reneboer.

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