7.32 Vera Firmware - Beta Release

The links below are for Beta software and are not recommended for testing on a production machine. They’re intended for beta testers only. Please try at your own risk.

Firmware versions:

New Features:

  1. VistaCam 1200 - Added ‘Reset’ screen in ‘Settings’ menu on the Web UI
  2. VistaCam 1200 - Add chime selection option to Settings Menu
  3. Added support for starting/stoping the NetworkMonitor process via a luup request
  4. VistaCam 702 - Added text on the Web UI to inform the user in case the camera firmware is updating
  5. Added support for multichannel association remove on Gerber Prime Switch GPS-2000
  6. Vera Protect: Added support for nagging notification for Live test mode the “My general System Alerts”
  7. Added support for Quectel 4G Dongle
  8. Vistacam 702 - Implement SD Card and Storage Screens and functionality on the Web UI


  1. Improved the upgrade failover process
  2. Removed settings/options related to SMS notifications
  3. Handled error case where a ‘/’ character in the SSID or password would cause the WiFi connection procedure to fail.
  4. Upgraded mongoose lightweight web server to v3.8
  5. Changes on thermostats in order to Resync Devices only when the temperature scale is changed
  6. Changes on the Web UI to display on the dashboard the shortcut “Turn All On/Turn All Off” only for switches (Interior, Exterior, in Wall)
  7. Added support for Fan and Energy control plus support for showing Kwh on Qubino ZMNHIDx Flush On/Off Thermostat
  8. Added support for displaying kWh for Dimmers (applies only for devices that report kWh)
  9. Removed the energy-related events from JSON since Zooz ZEN24 does not have energy report capabilities via Z-Wave
  10. Fixed the issue on zConnect Garage Door Controller DHS-WIN-GDC-02 where relay 2 was parameterized as a Siren and could match the real purpose of the device.
  11. Added a more specific error message if “UPnPScanning” is turned on with “Secure Vera” enabled : "In order to be able to scan for UPnP devices you need to disable the ‘Secure the controller’ option in ‘Users & Account Settings’ → ‘Security’ Please note that NO button for redirecting was implemented yet
  12. Added the manufacturer for the Fibaro thermostat (FGT-001)
  13. Fixed the firmware upgrade for Linear LB60Z-1
  14. Added DPW for GE/Jasco Enbrighten Smart LED Bulb 39723
  15. Added DPW for Evolve LOM-15 Dual Outlet Receptacle
  16. Hide e3 redundant child device for Qubino Flush 1D Relay
  17. Removed “Success” from warning message “Success - The From and To fields cannot be empty” from the Web UI (“Alerts”-> drop-down menu “Date/Time”)
  18. Removed “Success” from pop-up message “Please choose a backup file first” on the Web UI (“Settings”->“Backup”-> “Restore” button)
  19. Added DPW for Inovelli LZW41 Tunable White Smart Bulb
  20. Added DPW for Fibaro Single Switch 2 FGS-213
  21. Added DPW for Aeotec NanoMote Quad ZWA003
  22. Added DPW for Centralite 4-Series Smart Outlet 4200-C
  23. Added I3 support for Qubino Flush 1 Relay
  24. Added support on the Web UI to pair Gerber GPS-2000 in Insecure mode
  25. Added DPW for Qubino RGBW
  26. Added DPW for Qubino ZMNHYD1
  27. Display W and kWh for Window Covering devices
  28. Added support for all the electric scales to be polled through CC Meter GET and create service and variables for the missing units
  29. Added on/off scene triggers for Zooz ZEN22
  30. Added DPW for Qubino ZMNKAD1 Luxy Smart Switch
  31. Improvements on working with Qubino ZMNHIDx Flush On/Off Thermostat
  32. Added a 24h wake-up interval for Sensative Strips-Multi-Sensor
  33. Added support up and down commands via CC Switch Multilevel for Gerber GPS-2000 window covering
  34. Added improvement to Philio PSR07 Smart Color Button integration
  35. Removed the battery and energy-related triggers from thermostats that are not battery powered and don’t report energy (E.g. Trane XR524)
  36. Hidden the e3 redundant child device for Qubino Flush 1D Relay
  37. Added DPW to DB for Fibaro Walli Dimmer FGWDEU-111
  38. Added DPW to DB for Fibaro Walli Switch FGWDSEU-221
  39. Added DPW to DB for Fibaro Walli Outlet FGWOx-011
  40. Created service and variables for Qubino 1PH Smart Meter ZMNHTDx
  41. Created DPW for Somfy Z-WAVE to ILT interface 1870171
  42. Create DPW for Evolve LPM-15 Relay Module
  43. Fixed the bug related to the logs rotation during offline periods
  44. Fixed the bug related to id=lu_device http request
  45. Added Interrogation for the battery level during inclusion for Zooz ZSE29
  46. Disabled “Send a text message…” checkmarks throughout the UI

New devices:

  1. Ecobee thermostat with DPW
  2. VistaCam 1200 - video doorbell with 2-way audio
  3. Ezlo B-2700-6W-A19-US Light Bulb
  4. Qubino ZMNHYDx Smart Plug 16A
  5. Philio PAD07 In-Wall Smart Dimmer (without Device Pairing Wizard)
  6. Philio PSR07 (without Device Pairing Wizard)
  7. Philio PSG04 CO Sensor (without Device Pairing Wizard)
  8. Philio PAD09-1 Smart Dimmer Plug (without Device Pairing Wizard)
  9. Philio Z-Wave Extender PAU05 (without Device Pairing Wizard)
  10. Zlink Water Leak and Temperature Sensor
  11. MCO MH-F500 Thermostat (without Device Pairing Wizard)
  12. MCO MH-S222 (without Device Pairing Wizard)
  13. MCO Home Dimmer Switch MH-DT511 (without Device Pairing Wizard)
  14. Zooz Zen27 S2 Dimmer
  15. Philio PST07 Slim Multi-sensor (without Device Pairing Wizard)
  16. Philio PAD11 Smart Dimmer (without Device Pairing Wizard)
  17. Zooz ZEN23 In-Wall Switch
  18. MCO MH-P220 (without Device Pairing Wizard)
  19. Zooz ZSE29 (without Device Pairing Wizard)
  20. Qubino ZMNHSD1 DIN Dimmer
  21. MCO Home MH-3928 Heat Pump Thermostat (without Device Pairing Wizard)
  22. Qubino ZMNHHDx Mini Dimmer (without Device Pairing Wizard)
  23. Zooz ZEN26
  24. HomeSeer HS-FS100-W (without Device Pairing Wizard)
  25. Alfred DB1-C Digital Deadbolt Lock
  26. Inovelli LZW42 RGBW Smart Bulb
  27. Zooz ZEN22
  28. Trane XR524 Thermostat (without Device Pairing Wizard)
  29. Qubino ZMNHVDx Flush Dimmer 0-10V (without Device Pairing Wizard)
  30. Qubino ZMNKIDx On/Off Thermostat 2
  31. GE/Jasco 46202/ZW4009 In-Wall Smart Switch
  32. Qubino Flush RGBW Dimmer ZMNHWDx
  33. Zooz ZEN24 Toggle Dimmer Switch
  34. Zooz ZEN21
  35. Honeywell TH6320ZW2003 T6 Pro Thermostat (Empty Device Pairing Wizard)
  36. RCS Technology TBZ500 Battery Powered Thermostat (Empty Device Pairing Wizard)
  37. Lux Products KN-ZW-SE1-20 Thermostat (Empty Device Pairing Wizard)


  1. Fixed the issue with being unable to manually change day/night extra setting on Vistacam 700 from the Web UI
  2. Fixed the issues with backups caused by too many consecutive log rotations
  3. Fixed the issue with the controller removing log files even though the process to upload them to servers has failed
  4. Fixes the issues where Options to “View” and “Open in Device Simulator” for Luup Files (*.json files) were not working on G550
  5. Fixed the issues on Gerber GPS-2000 that was reconfigured when setting multi-channel association
  6. Fixed the issues on Gerber GPS-2000 where the current associations are displayed as set to “NaN”, after removing one of them
  7. Fixed the issues on VistaCam 702 where the camera disconnected error message was displayed only in view by list for cameras and not in all needed screens
  8. Fixed the issues with previous notifications added that were still present in user_data after Reset Z-Wave Network was done
  9. Fixed the issues on the Web UI where “NaN” value was sent when trying to set max or min values for color temperature sliders
  10. Fixed the issues with excluding a Zooz ZEN27 device from the controller that refers to the process both as “unpairing” and “un-pairing”
  11. Fixed the issues about being unable to switch the controller to Wi-Fi
  12. Fixed the issues with not being able to remove or set an attribute or variable to the empty value
  13. Fixed the issues with the factory reset procedure that was not clearing the user_data
  14. Fixed the z-wave version display
  15. Fixed the issues with UI retrieving commands that receive HTTP error status code
  16. Fixed the issues with warm and cool color temperatures are sent in reverse order for RGB bulbs
  17. Fixed the issues with unnecessary events being present in the notification/trigger list for MCO MH-F500 Thermostat
  18. Fixed the issues where the engine re-configures a parent-child device, all child devices are deleted and re-created with new IDs. Now by adding a new variable to the parent device, named “DeleteChildrenOnReconfigure” and setting it to 0, the child devices are not deleted anymore when the parent device is re-configured
  19. Fixed the issues with deviceStatusContainer being partially displayed for Power Meters devices
  20. Fixed the issue where the Remote Access tunnel was not working if the controller connects to 3G and still has local connection with the main router
  21. Show the Wi-Fi to which the controller is connected to when navigating to the Net &Wi-Fi settings - webUI
  22. Fixed the issues with Web UI doesn’t handle times that don’t contain seconds when editing an existing scene
  23. Fixed the issue with an error message being displayed when trying to update Weather Settings without changing Temperature Format
  24. Fixed the issue with Zooz ZEN21 that could not be controlled using Turn All On/Off button from “My Shortcuts” section
  25. Fixed the issue with Zooz ZEN26 that could not be controlled using Turn All On/Off button from “My Shortcuts” section
  26. Fixed the issues with Doorbell settings being displayed on Extra Settings for Vistacam 700
  27. Fixed the issues on Vistacam 1200 with not being able to change day/night mode from Settings > Extra Settings Menu
  28. Fixed the issue with Cmh-ra tunnel doesn’t start all the time after a factory reset
  29. Fixed the issue with the temperature displayed in thermostat icon that could not be seen easily
  30. Fixed the issues with The luup request “id=file” can’t load files from cmh-lu
  31. Fixed the issues about Request for /port_49451/ all failing
  32. Fixed the issues on the Web UI portal with incorrect error message displayed in “Account Info” page when attempting to use invalid special characters
  33. Fixed the issues on Vera Protect with no tooltip info displayed for “Settings” chevron displayed on the “VeraProtect Service” Card
  34. Fixed the issues with smart switches with category 3 and subcategory 3 being displayed with the wrong icon in cpanel
  35. Fixed the issues on Zooz ZEN23 that could not be controlled using Turn All On/Off button from “My Shortcuts” section
  36. Fixed the issues on Vera Protect with Exclamation Mark is missing from the Live Test Mode Nagging Notification
  37. Fixed the issues with “VeraProtect Service” card displayed on a secondary controller after removing the first controller from the account
  38. Fixed the issue when backups couldn’t be restored on the controller if GEN5 Aeon Labs Z-Wave dongle was used
  39. Fixed the issues with WebUI does not display the correct time for scheduled scenes created on Android (app sets time to HH:MM instead of HH:MM:SS)
  40. Fixed an webUI issue where the kWh was shown below the row
  41. Fixed the issue where same error message for camera was displayed multiple times
  42. Fixed an issue when excluding a Zooz ZEN22 device from the controller refers to the process both as “unpairing” and “un-pairing”
  43. Fixed an upgrade error case for VeraSecure
  44. Fixed the View Events content which shown an error message instead of the list with events
  45. Fixed the issues on VeraProtect with Duplicated notification is sent when adding the third contact (from WebUI)
  46. Fixed the issue on Qubino Flush On/Off Thermostat 2 that does not configure during the secure inclusion process
  47. Fixed the issues with Controller doesn’t connect to Internet through 3G if Internet connection is turned off on the main router
  48. Fixed the issues where temperature scale gets sent when no changes are performed, which results in an error message
  49. Fixed the issues with the Run button that was disabled when a scene is disabled. In the latest implementation Run" button is enabled even if scene is disabled - however, the scene doesn’t run if scene is disabled
  50. Fixed the issue where if a pin code fails to be added to a door lock because the device is offline or the engine is reloaded, it still remains assigned to that door lock and it’s not marked as desynced
  51. Fixed the issues with missing events in notification/trigger list for HomeSeer Flex Sensor HS-FS100-W
  52. Fixed the issues with Unnecessary events are present in notification/trigger list for Trane XR524 Thermostat
  53. Fixed an issue when the language French and Spanish was not saved when connected locally to the controller
  54. Fixed the issue on the Web UI with being unable to move devices back to No Room
  55. Fixed the issues with Color_temperature_marker outside of the color_temperature_picker
  56. Fixed an issue where the list of countries was not populated anymore
  57. VistaCam 702 - set the motion sensitivity to start from 0 (off) instead of 1
  58. VistaCam 1200 - fixed the description from the DPW for the doorbell
  59. Fixed an issue where disable broadcast SSID was not working
  60. Fixed the issue with rotate logs script doesn’t use defined alternate server when uploading logs when the main ones are down
  61. Removed nagging notification for phone number validation
  62. Fixed the issue for the ‘‘Doorbell is ringing’’ notification that had no description and type
  63. Fixed the issues with the function os.execute() not returning a valid shell exit status
  64. Fixed the issues with Host name incomplete on ssh after changing network settings to Manually Configure/Through a Wi-Fi access point
  65. Fixed the issues on cameras where Chime type was displayed for cameras that do not support chime
  66. Fixed the issues with not being able select Vistacam 1200 in Scenes > Actions
  67. Fixed the issues about Energy Reports for Endpoint 2 of Qubino ZMNKAD1 Luxy Smart Switch not being displayed on the UI
  68. Fixed the issue with associations handled from web UI that were still handled securely even when the device has been included insecurely

Known issues:

  1. Issue reported on units that are bridged, with devices on the slave units that generate alerts on the master unit, every time the engine reloads. The issue was reported for door locks.
  2. Issues on icons/templates for UV Sensors and Generic Sensors with no space between “Level” and the value for “Level” not being correctly aligned.
  3. Issue with the plugin startup messages not being displayed correctly on dashboard cards
  4. Issue with Job watch callback not receiving job number
  5. Issue on cameras where error messages about snapshots, recording, live view are displayed multiple times
  6. Issue on Vision Glass Break & Shock Detector VSN-ZS5101US wherein step two no content is displayed in Device Wizard.
  7. Issue with the burglary alert being received without a template.
  8. Issue on GoControl GC-TBZ48 thermostat with not being able to change setpoints in scenes.
  9. Issue on Aeon LED Bulb (ZW098) when changing color back to white the color is changing to ‘blueish’ white.
  10. Issue on Yale Door Locks with incorrect message being displayed when trying to add restrictions to pin codes that are not displayed in clear ("****")
  11. Issue with not being able to add Foscam C2 third party camera using the add device wizard
  12. Issue with Aeon Smart Switch generating ghost child devices after pairing.
  13. Issue with being unable to set weekly restrictions on Schlage BE469ZP and BE468ZP locks
  14. Issue with child devices are missing for Philio PST03-1A 4 in 1 Multi-Sensor after pairing.
  15. Issue on Qubino ZMNHJD1 (Pilot Wire) with no mode is selected when a scene is run with action set as Confort-1/ Confort-2 if mode number set to be supported by Qubino ZMNHJD1 (Pilot Wire) device is 4
  16. Issue with device category name inconsistency for RGB Bulbs between Web UI and mobile platforms.

Great work !

Big update for the Vera hubs / Vera firmware (Not Ezlo)

Great work
I will wait for feedback from a few before installing it.

Wow… Great job team! Very happy about Qubino improvements!!!

I’m running the closed beta since a couple of months. Best build ever. It’s on my production Plus and my dev Edge. My luup uptime is usually 4-5 days on my production system (70+ zwave devices, 5-6 plug-ins and a lot of code).


No Fibaro RGBW v2 (FGRGBW-442) listed which I was hoping to see improvements with.

No Fibaro Smart implant. I think it’s on the market since 2 years, but no joy…

Forgot about that one. The replacement device for the Fibaro Universal Binary Sensor. I do use some of those.

Not bought any Smart Implants yet though.

I’m using a Fibaro Smart Implant on an older firmware running on a Vera 3. Support is okay, pairs okay, shows all values etc.

Update went smooth but took quite some time, appr. 12 minutes.
Let’s wait and see…

I’ll adopt the safe position and wait until the dust settles.
Been here many times before…no tears or cursing this time

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I updated my Vera Edge OK.

But its not my production hub that’s my Vera Plus.

Still looks good after 9 hours, evening scenes ran well, morning "Reactor"scene also ran well. Looks like my google home integration doesn’t work anymore, need to check that, not really an issue but still…

The devices in Google Home say “offline”, disconnecting the Vera Account and Reconnecting again doesn’t fix the problem, devices stay offline. Removing and adding the devices via GetVera/Manage Google Home doesn’t fix the issue.

Did you encounter any issues regarding Google Home?

I’ve a no-Google home, I’m sorry. I’ve long removed all Alexa/GHome services from my Vera and I’m currently using HA-Bridge. My Alexa’s responses are local and are faster than anything going thru the cloud.

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@Sorin as I’ve already reported, scenes based on “After/Before Sunrise/Sunset” seems to be broken. If you choose “20 minutes after sunset”, it will be converted to 00:20 and the scene will not run accordingly. This is still broken in this build.

Any known issues regarding Google Home integration after upgrading to the new firmware?

I’m discussing this with our PM team responsible for 7.32 Vera.
I’ll keep you posted.

LE: It has been replicated and reported. 1. [EPWT-3736] [Vera][WebUI][Regression] Broken schedule after editing a scene based on “After/Before Sunrise/Sunset”


I’ve exposed one of my devices (named “Test Bulb”) on my Vera Edge running FW 7.32 to Google Home (This is not my production hub).

I then asked a GH speaker to “update devices”

On my Android phone I then got a notification saying a new device had been added to GH.

Looking in the GH app I tried to find the new device that I had just added, but I can’t see it.

I then asked GH speaker to “Turn ON Test Bulb” but she says “Sorry something went wrong for the test bulb”.

So something isn’t working it appears.

EDIT: I can see “Test Bulb” in Routines when I select “Adjust lights, plugs and more” in the GH app. But I couldn’t see it in the main view, maybe it got assigned to a room and its hiding somewhere. Anyway I cannot voice control it.

EDIT2: I’ve found the “Test Bulb” device in the GH app it was hiding in the Lounge room. If I try to turn in on via the GH app nothing happens. The device does say “Not Responding” and “Offline”.

So you definitely have a problem here.

I then exposed the “Test Bulb” to Alexa.

That seems to be working OK, via voice command issued to her Alexa can turn on and off the Test Bulb.

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