12V DC Lighting Control

I have a Pentair IntelliCenter providing 120V to a 120W 12VDC Transformer through the Included Relay in the IntelliCenter for on off functionality of 12VDC yard lighting. I’d like to further control some of the lighting to not necessarily be on when the other lights are on. I have two FortrezZ MiMO2 + devices not currently in use. Interestingly enough www.fortrezz.com redirects to the Ezlo Website. I also have a MIMOLite not in use currently. I’d like to use the LVDC input on one these powered by the 12VDC coming from the transformer above and then use the output relay(s) to further be able to turn on and off certain lights.

Additionally, I may just bypass the relay in the IntelliCenter all together and just power these with 12VDC off the transformer to control all yard lighting with my old Vera Plus. Is this possible or are these relays only pulse relays?

I Cannot seem to find too much documentation and Lord knows where the documentation that came with these relays has gone. Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.

Are you sure 12VDC? Most landscape lighting is 12VAC.

Due to lower voltage, currents are higher so any relay needs to be able to handle that current level. There are a few dry contact zwave devices on the market. Depending how you segment the load lighting they may be able to handle the switching role directly but failing that they can be the control signal to a beefier relay.

I see Mimo output 1is rated 10A and 120W so it can switch directly some of your load. Might be pushing it switching entire load.

I’m using Dekor Lighting which is DC. I’m also using RV LED lights in some locations. Also, several landscapin light options on Amazon are DC. So the MIMO will work up to 120 Watts load but what commands to use?

The mimo will work for the lesser of 120W or 10A current. You have to watch inrush current as well but for low voltage lighting that probably isn’t a big issue ( it is an issue for line powered led lighting).

As for commands just pair it to your system hd it should appear as an one off switch(s) which you can control from the interface or in mesh bots/scenes.