"Zwave: Configuring Z-wave devices in your system" endless loop

I’m posting this because I’ve had no response from a Vera support ticket.

After trying (and failing) to add one of my old non-functioning smart switch 6’s to the vera edge it has now caused the whole controller to go haywire. I’ve been trying to troubleshoot, power cycling vera controller multiple times, to no avail.

It keeps saying “Please wait” then “Zwave: Configuring Z-wave devices in your system” and it seems like it’s hung on this endless loop and can’t get out of it.

As a result, the Vera is so busy with this it can’t perform its normal tasks and it intermittently goes offline.

I’m unable to enable Customer Care (tech support) and can’t even run Lua code in a scene because Vera doesn’t stay responsive enough to enable this to save.

Aside from factory resetting (which I really don’t want to do and risk losing all my z-wave devices, scenes and settings), is there anything else I can do/try?


Your controller should have backups in the cloud. Ask support for them.

If you factory reset the unit, you can access them after logging in and restore to a version before the mess. Be sure to flag ‘restore Zwave network’ and nothing will gonna be left behind.

If you log in to home.getvera.com, and can access your controller from there (by hitting the “Connect” button on the controller list), then when you get to Settings > Backup you should see a list of the cloud backups that @therealdb was referring to, so you can self-service restore one without support’s help/involvement.

If your system isn’t healthy enough to connect that way, then I’d factory reset it (hold the reset button with a paperclip for >20 seconds). then do the instructions above to restore a cloud backup from the day before you installed the evil device.

Add taking a manual backup (with a Z-Wave backup before) to your list of steps to do before you add or remove a device from Vera. You’ll be glad you did.

Also, consider a local backup strategy if you can:

Thanks. In the backup section I don’t see any cloud back entries. Is this normal? See attached screenshot. Does this mean I need to keep waiting for Vera support to get back to me?
Or do you mean if I do a factory reset now I’ll then see options to restore?

You have to be logged in to see previous backups stored in the cloud

Aren’t I logged in by the mere fact I’m able to access all my devices and also go into this settings section?

Are you accessing your Vera locally (by the IP address) or are you logging in through home.getvera.com?

No. Go to home.getvera.com

i have seen this on qubino flush 1 relay, it hangs when trying to ad it securely, if it a batteri device try to wake it by pushing it. and if you can, go to setting for that device and disable that vera should configure it and sett polling to 0, now it should release. next disable polling as default in vera settings and your vera will be much faster. adding devices to vera can take over an hour for some battery devices and if you try to rush it will be a problem.

Okay thanks. Yes you’re right, I’m logging in locally fro local IP address. I cannot login from home.getvera.com. It says the controller is disconnected. See below.

Thanks Chali but the device was never added so I’m unable to do anything with it.

OK. Then, if you don’t want to wait for Support to get around to you, factory reset your Edge (hold reset for >20 seconds). The controller will reset and after a bit, should be visible/accessible from home.getvera.com. At that point, you should be able to hit the green “Connect” button (where you now have a grey “Offline” button), and go to Settings > Backup (exiting the setup wizard, don’t bother with it), and should see a list of restores. Choose the most recent one before you installed the problem device. Remember to hit the Restore Z-Wave checkbox before you start the restore – it’s a bit subtle.

I’ve just realised you meant to check that box before the restore itself, not before the factory reset…

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So I’ve done the hard reset, waited for it to finish. All lights are showing. But now I can’t seem to access controller on my local network even. Just sits there with the green circle of death. I checked MAC address and seems to be correct IP address.
When I setup home.getvera.com it found the controller on the network and added it but it’s still showing as “offline”!
Not sure what to do now. Panic levels increasing…

After factory reset you have to go in through home.getvera.com. If it’s showing offline, just be patient. Sometimes it takes a bit to update.

Okay. It’s been about 30mins already. Is there risk of losing backups if I “remove controller” and trying adding it again?

Okay I’m stumped. It’s been over an hour since factory resetting. I can see the Vera on my network but it can’t connect locally (just hangs on green circle of death) or via home.getvera.com (says offline).
Should I reset again or remove controller from home.getvera.com and try adding again?
The fact I can’t connect locally really worries me. Have I bricked it somehow?

Reset it again. Don’t remove it. Try to SSH into it, if you’re able to.

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Okay thanks. What should I attempt when SSH’ing into it?