Zooz ZEN34 Remote Switches

any intel on when/if the zooz ZEN34 remote switches will be integrated?

Hi Patrick,

It is going through the integration process, but there is no ETA. When it is integrated, you will see it listed here:

is that for both Vera (e.g. Vera Secure) and the new Ezlo platform?

Only with the Ezlo platform as far as I can see.

Hi @Patrick_Beauchemin ,

Following up on your question, the ZooZ ZEN34 Remote Switch was successfully integrated.
You can check out below video

which we’ve made to show the connection process to help you with clearing up the question.

If you still have any issues, you can write us and we’ll help you to solve them.


Is this for Vera and ezlo?

Only for Ezlo Hubs.

Benjamin leads the team whose job is to “Integrate every Zwave/Zigbee” device for Ezlo Hubs.
His process is: Buy the device, make sure its integrated, at
Firmware Level
IOS Level
Android Level
Cloud Level (if need be)
Create Videos and publish
And answer any question/issues on those devices

Its a very involved process but under Benjamin’s leadership we are already seeing great progress!


Have folks had success adding the ezlo secure as a secondary controller to the Vera secure so that we can leverage these new integrations?

Yes and it worked.
We just need to “Productize” it so that end users can use it.
Additionally, the dashboard we built can pull data both from Vera and Ezlo accounts (so that you can add both into the Dashboards we built http://ezlogic.mios.com/ (but still very early alpha imo…)

We are now busy working on the “automation” aspect of http://ezlogic.mios.com/ whereby users should be able to do “any” automation they want to.

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Okay, so are you saying this is not possible for end users yet?

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we haven’t launched it yet.

Checking back in 2 months later… Has this been released to end users?

Ezlo recently passed the Zwave Certification.
As part of the Certification each Zwave hub must support “Learning Mode” which is part of the zwave protocol, where a Hub could be used as a secondary hub in the “Learning Mode”.


It has been available officially since 8/31/2021 (9 days after you asked :slight_smile: ).

Do let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

How to add another Z-Wave controller to an Ezlo controller’s network.pdf (1.0 MB) How to Connect Ezlo Secure to Another Z-Wave controller (Learn Mode).pdf (531.5 KB)

How To documents for adding Ezlo as a secondary to other Hubs or adding a secondary to Ezlo hub

these instructions do not show how to add an ezlo secure as a secondary to a vera secure.

is UPnP the only way to discover and add the ezlo as a secondary, because I’ve spent the last hour trying and it doesnt work? yes.I’ve made sure that auto detect devices on your home network option is enabled (Settings > Net&Wifi)** on the master controller.

Hi @Patrick_Beauchemin,
Do you mean to add it as a secondary hub in the Z-wave network?
Description of how to do it is the attached pdf files.

How to add another Z-Wave controller to an Ezlo controller’s network.pdf (1.0 MB)
How to Connect Ezlo Secure to Another Z-Wave controller (Learn Mode).pdf (531.5 KB)

please see my comments here: Issue adding Ezlo Secure as a secondary to Vera Secure
this is off topic of the orignial post so I posted this in a new thread.