ZigBee Power strip by Lidl

Hi Everyone
I am new to posting so please forgive me …
I have had a Vera hub for many years now and normally stick with zwave units, but I recently purchased 2 zigbee power strips from Lidl and I cannot get them to work or even register properly on the network.
Can anyone offer any advice or should I just take them back for a refund ??

Do you have a Philips Hue bridge hub?

I just paired two RGB bulbs I bought from Lidl to that instead and using the AltHue plugin in Vera to control them.

Vera is pretty useless with Zigbee devices in general.

Hopefully things will be improving with these new Ezlo hubs and proper support for Zigbee 3.0 devices.

have you tried on ezloplus?

I did see here. I could pair the RGB bulbs but I could not change their colours, only white temp I could control and on / off.

Thank you for your answer cw-kid … I am a little reluctant to purchase another ‘hub’ … have Vera given an indication when they are giving more support for zigbee v3

Thank you Pitt13 … but what is ezloplus ??

Vera have been bought out by another company now called Ezlo.

Ezlo are releasing a new range of hubs, these hubs are meant to support the Zigbee 3.0 standard devices.

We won’t see any more developments on the “old” Vera platform now I don’t think, for any new Zigbee device support being added.

Vera supported Zigbee HA 1.2 and even then that never really worked well.

Thanks for that … I did not know.

Thanks for that … I did not know. I’ll do some reasearch.

Any good looking at the Samsung Hub ??

Samsung are getting out of the smart home hardware marketplace.

Aeotec are now manufacturing Samsung Smart Things hubs under licence.

A cheap used Philips Hue bridge 2.0 off eBay should work with all those cheap Lidl Zigbee 3.0 devices and just use the AltHue plugin in Vera to control them all.

That’s what I would do in the short term.

Longer term hopefully these new Ezlo hubs to replace the Vera hubs, will be decent enough. They have built everything from the ground up pretty much like the hubs firmware and the cloud infrastructure and more.

They are also keeping the same Vera mobile app which some users may like :grin:

If not then I’ll be looking at maybe Hubitat which is similar to Smart Things or maybe something else altogether.

Comprehensive answer for me … thanks again

thanks but did you try again recently ?

Nope I’ve not tried them again, what date did I post that before about the Ezlo Plus ?

I’ve got them paired to the Hue bridge now and controlling them in Vera Plus via the AltHue plugin.

How did you get a LIDL Smart Plug to pair to Hue hub? I have had no luck using the Hue app

Forget the question. I got it to work. You need to:-

Do not carry out the instruction in the accompanying LIDL manual to pair.
Just plug the device in, the LED will flash (DO NOT PRESS THE BUTTON ON THE SIDE)
Go in to the Hue app - > Light setup
Select Add light, then Search
Device will appear as On/Off plug 1etc. Treat as normal for a light - Add to Room/Rename etc
Device will then appear in Vera as usual (I had to reboot Vera) as a BinaryLight

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