Will Ezlo Secure and Plus be CE certified for use in Europe?

As a very happy Swedish VERA user I’m thinking that maybe one shall upgrade from Vera Secure to Ezlo secure. However, the Ezlo Plus and Secore are not (yet?) CE certified.

What are the plans for Europe?

Thank you for your interest in the new Ezlo Hubs. :vulcan_salute:

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But the us version should work with all 700 z wave freq . Is it implemented for user to change frequenc in software @Sorin? In Hubitat you can change…

I don’t think the main delay factor is the z-wave frequency but the EU certification process.

ok , but is it possible for a customer to change the frequency ?

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Like this…

I’m not sure about this, maybe my colleagues @Oleh or @Ioana can help.

Toujours pas de nouvelle pour l’Europe je passe sur eedomus dommage :joy: :joy:

Hi Sorin,

What happen with your customer in Europe? No Ezlo Plus available and the VERA plus is EOL.
Very bad service.

Hi there,

With the current supply constraints, we have had unfortunately delayed the launch of our new platforms in Europe. We will update you as soon as we are able to resolve these issues.

But we can assure you and the rest of our EU customers that tremendous efforts are being made, every day, and we’re making progress day by day with launching our lineup in Europe.

comme cadeaux de Noel :joy: :joy: :joy:

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