Will Ezlo Secure and Plus be CE certified for use in Europe?

Hello Melih
Thanks but if I’m going to run a Pi I would probably reskill to HA which I dont want to do, I’ll hang on thanks

Hello. How do I can download and install it on raspberry ?

pls follow the instructions here.

Hi any updates or news about EU?

you can use this Softhub anywhere in the world, including EU.

I understand that I can use Softhub, But I prefer hardware like Vera hub.

Hope it will be available soon.

of course, hoping within couple of months…its in manufacturing, literally our engineers working with the factory to get the manufacturing going.

we have 2 different versions of SoftHub

Which one would be more suitable for you?
Because Softhub with CCTV +AI you can use Intel Nuc or Raspberry Pi or an old laptop/computer etc.

still waiting for EU version . Any update?

I don’t want a SoftHub but the real thing…

Hi @rotbard,
its in factory production…hope to provide the actual versions in Feb 2023.

Any news ?