Why are names so short

I’ve been home automating for a couple decades now. I’ve accumulated several hundred devices that are compatible with vera, and I’m a little irritated that I find my self regularly having to abbreviate names when I would rather use plain English.

It looks like Vera imposes a maximum length of 20 characters. WHY? Why do this? And where can I change it?


Use altui as an alternate interface and you’re good to go… vera will however keep displaying short names.


In the new Ezlo firmware the number of characters for device names will be increased from 20 to 30 characters.

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@cw-kid, But thats not vera, thats another system.

…or use openLuup – no limit to name length there at all!


Well. Thank you mother Ezlo, for letting me have more 50% more letters.

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There are workarounds with Vera… HTTP DOM inspector and remove character limit for instance. There is one more workaround as well, if you know where to look :slight_smile:

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Would be fine if there also were more rows of text. First row is the nickname of the device and some more rows that can be unfold with infos like device type and ID.

Seeing all the issues trying to covert from a Vera hub to Ezlo, I am glad I didn’t purchase a discounted Vera hub, but sprung for the Ezlo. I console with those going through the process of changing hubs.