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It’s a known issue that we have to fix on the firmware side. I’ve posted this to the release notes as well:
" Known issues:

  • Issue with incorrect sunset time for scene with different from the default timezone (EST)"

Hi @cokeman, could you please try to connect to your linux firmware/atom using a 3g or another network? Then you should the possibility to change the timezone. The fix is in progress, but it will take some time.

Hi Oleg,

My issue is with the name length

Will you increase the device name, so we might use longer names.

I posted this some time back, but got no reply:
I added the Danfoss living connect, it was named by the system “Living connect Z radiator”, 25 characters, but when trying to rename a device, the MAX is 20, why this limit, and why can the system create longer then we can

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I just installed my Ezlo Plus. I am going to stop the test until their is a firmware update. My controller crashed twice and the App crashed multiple times.

I am using an Iphone 11 Software Version 13.5.1 I am using the latest version of the Vera app

My controller is 90000304

I installed 3 AEON Smart Energy Switches and one Radio Thermostat CT100.
These units were paired to a Vera 3.

Issue 1: Pairing process is confusing.
After selecting the pair process. After the end of the 60 seconds, it says, “The inclusion process stopped.” It doesn’t tell you what to do next and the “retry” is light grayed out. The “retry” should be another color. There should be some indication that you will need to unpair and then pair it again.

Issue #2 Controller shows offline from the web UI.

Issue #3 App crashes

While adding an AEON smart energy switch, it you click retry and don’t wait until the 60 seconds is over, under certain circumstances the app and the controller crashes.

Issue #4 Adding a room. Done light greyed out.

This should be another color.

Issue #5 After adding a Aeon Labs Smart Energy Switch - received an error
“Device failed to communicate.” Nevertheless, I could still control the device.

Issue #6 Remove devices now.
This is unclear what you are suppose to do. Are you suppose to remove the device or are you suppose to try unpairing it and then pair it again.

Issue #7. During CT-100 pairing process app and controller crashed - Celius
Right after the pairing when you are suppose to set the name and room, the controller and the app crashed. Upon restarting, the device was actually paired. In addition, even though the actual device shows fahrenheit, the app shows Celius.

Issue #8 CT-100 shows humidity of 0.0%

Issue #9 Smart Energy switch shows 0.0watt used even when a lamp is on.

Issue #10 When adding a controller, it should ask you the time zone.
My device was set at UTC.

Issue #11 Changing time zone crashed controller
When I changed the Time zone to Vancouver, the controller crashed.

If you want screen shots, let me know.


Hi @cokeman , i will check it asap.

Hello @cokeman, i’ve checked with the firmware team, in the next releases we will increase the limit to 30.


I am noticing that scene triggers sometimes fail. I will monitor and report back.
Seems to be when the controller has been power cycled.
The scene is a simple if device on wait 5 seconds turn device off. Now if the plus has been cycled and i attempt to move dimmer slider, the light comes on but the on off button does not turn on and the scene fails to run.

There is also an issue when i attempt to move slider as below

sonn as i get to about 9% the screen jumps to the below position

meaning i can not move slider in one movement to say 50%.
This only occurs on the dashboard not the device page.


Thanks for the description, checking it now.

here is a screen shot of the device with slider on button off and the lamp is on. and the scene has failed to run.

and here is the alerts from dashboard notice the extra white space thats when scene failed.

also the alerts from dashboard are missing the text, if i go to alerts page text is there

Hello, @sdtoddl
Thanks for your feedback.
Just few more questions from my side to have more information about issues.

What was the status of the controller in the app at this time ?

Add more details please how you identified crash of controller ?
What was the led behaviour on the controller at this moment?

Was it with web UI or IOS app ?

Remove devices now - is exclusion process.
If you need, after exclude done, you can start inclusion process again with this device.

Add more details please how you identified crash of controller ?
What was the led behaviour on the controller at this moment?

We are checking this issue.

We are checking this issue.

Add more details please how you identified crash of controller ?
What was the led behaviour on the controller at this moment?

Issue #2 response. I am not sure what it was at the time but when I go to the app, it shows my controller online. When I go to the web UI, it still shows the controller offline. I believe I caused one of the crashes with the Aeon labs by retrying to pair or unpair before the time limit was up.

Issue #3 response. I didn’t check the led lights on the controller. They way I knew it crashed was the app closed. I restarted the app and it showed the controller offline. A very short time later, the app showed the controller back online.

Issue #5 response. This was in the IOS app

Issue #6 response. I have been using Vera since UI5 and the Vera 3. I knew what it meant to be in exclusion mode. I personally feel for a new user, especially if you haven’t used Zwave before, it would be unclear. That is why I am making the suggestions on changing the wording.

Issue #7 response. The app crashed and my phone went back to the home screen. I restarted the app, it showed the controller as being offline. A little while later, it showed the controller back online. I just checked it, the thermostat display still shows Fahrenheit but the app still shows the units of measurement in Celius. How so I change the app to shower Fahrenheit?

Issue #8 response. I just checked and it is still showing 0.0% humidity.

Issue #11 response. Same as above. App crashed, restarted app - app showed controller offline. A little while later it came back online.

If you would like for me to put on debugging or give you remote access, if you don’t already have it, let me know. Melih knows how to get ahold of me.

FYI. The CT-100 units I am using do not have Zwave Plus modules. It is the older model.

FYI. All these devices were connected up to my Vera 3 and working. Controller 30001274. That same thermostat shows the temperature in Fahrenheit on the app instead of Celsius. Although, there is a typo. It says, “Fineside” in the app. Therefore, this is a new issue.

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@sdtoddl, thanks for additional information.
What is the FW version on your Ezlo Plus and version of mobile app?

Ezlo plus is not working with web UI.
Mobile app is the main UI for now.

Cheking with mobile team.

Cheking with mobile team.

FW is rebooting after changing of timezones.

Will back to you asap after check the issues with mobile team.

Beta Update: Today we finally received the enclosures for Ezlo Plus.

Check the pictures below:

You can see how cool the LED looks :innocent:

We’ll be ready to start shipping next week the Ezlo Plus.
For US & Canada we’ll ship a package to our warehouse in US and from there we’ll send each Beta tester the device.


Very nice!

Mine will live in a cupboard however. Please send me an EU one, I’m yet to get the Atom v2 working that arrived two days ago and I’m keen to do some testing.

Just hope the shipping is faster?


Hi Loana
will the led be controllable by a scenario for example ?

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Looks nice.

How do I tell what version of the Ezlo Plus I am running and how do I update the firmware? There is no About for the IOS app so I went to the App store. It shows version 3.44 in the app store and my phone doesn’t show my app needs to be updated.

In addition, I found a bug in the app as far as users. All users have to be assigned to at least one controller. I wanted to delete a user from a controller and the only way I can do it is assign that user to another controller or delete that user.

In the IOS app under Settings—> Tech Support, you’ll find the app version. For the Atom and Edge running the new firmware, the version number will also be displayed.