Which Zwave devices you would love to have natively integrated into Vera? 2

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Sorin, you are one of the Vera employees that always listens and replies. Well, most people at vera do listen…
Lack of support for A LOT of zwave devices is a much discussed topic on these boards. And yes it hurts me. And others as well.

Polling by Vera is just another way to say again: yes we are working on it.

And that is something I am hearing for a very long time now with various of the newer (±1.5 years) older devices. It keeps lacking good Zwave device support.

And last but not least. Yes, what hurts the most for me is the most easy to write down. I would like to see Vera is publishing Firmware with the Fibaro devices supported properly instead of popular language in the area of “we are getting great”.

(hope you understand).

Thanks for the kind words, Sender. We will reopen the other one when the time comes.

Things have changed, as you’ve seen around, and in an abruptly positive manner for our base customers, contributors, and developers. How it’s been in the last 1.5 years doesn’t actually represent the existing momentum and goals. Everyone has something on its plate that doesn’t work quite well or it’s lacking in features and per Melih’s words, everything will be solved - it’s just a matter of time rather than available resources.

Vera is and will always be a Z-Wave controller in the first place and all the issues and lacking features will be covered. But the battle started with things that hurt everyone the most, namely stability and bug fixing.
Cloud/API devices are part of another big chapter that involves our developer’s community and it’s as critical to improving upon this as it is for Z-Wave and other devices.

As per Fibaro devices, I would not say this publicly if I wouldn’t know and even reported myself for a few these issues, that are already in the queue for development. But this needs to be taken with a grain of salt because, in the R&D process of these devices, we are discovering that not all of these issues are actually on Vera’s plate. But even so, we will do our best, and closely collaborate with devices manufacturers, to make sure that these things are sorted. We will update more on this once we get the updates rolling.

A few quotes:

[quote=“melih, post:1, topic:199694”](Please note, we are aware of stability, bug fixes etc…you don’t need to tell us about them here, just want to learn all the new and funky capabilities you want to see so that we can schedule them for you).


Sorin, when does the time come?