UI8 new interface, do you like it? please give us your feedback

Please give us all your feedback…all of this is for you!

It looks nice but you need to make the platform stable and fast, in that order, first!

Other than being excruciatingly slow, the current UI is mostly ok - my main gripe is it’s slow to update (needing to force page refreshes is just poor form) and poor UI organisation, eg reboot the device in the WiFi settings … seriously! facepalm

UI looks good…but I was never hung up on the Vera UI. I wanted stability, dependability and something that my wife could use in a pinch. I try to automate things hoping to make her a fan and have achieved a recent degree of stability by dumbing things down with Vera. Promised advertised features NEED to work with a HIGH degree of reliability. (Take geofencing for instance…for me its a hot mess leading to much wife agro)

Stability, dependability is a given…we are on it! We have enough resources and different resources to help improve UI as well. Because our users want it, we want to provide it to our users…So lets keep this thread to UI discussion only please so that we can understand all the feedback for usability of the UI. Thank you guys!

This has been the best vera week in a long time. Almost feels like Christmas!

I like the app look. Similar to ImperiHome.

What about the desktop UI?

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Keeping it all UI…

I like it. I like the idea of what I think I am seeing. Things like “who is home.” Seems to allow for more user customization if I am interpreting things right. Like the grouping on the left. Devices, Scenes, Groups with the bottom tabs of Dashboard, rooms, etc… That could work nicely I think.

[quote=“tomtcom, post:5, topic:199682”]This has been the best vera week in a long time. Almost feels like Christmas!

I like the app look. Similar to ImperiHome.

What about the desktop UI?

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You’re right, we are only seeing half the story here. I’m more concerned about the web UI.
Although to me a UI isn’t a deal breaker as Home Automation should always be working in the background and not be a fancy remote.

Looks good

Don’t forget tablet mode, which is as, or possibly more important. With some ability to zoom/scale. A 5" phone vs 8" tablet or 10" tablet should have completely different icon densities even if they are all at 1080p.

For multifunction devices (multisensor, power monitor outlet, power strips, etc) will need to be able to specify which data elements and/or controls are exposed.

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UI looks nice from a mobile device perspective but majority of scene configuration for myself is done via a PC.

Can we see a desktop view?

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I am going to wait and see. Look forward to the result melih. I hope you won’t break the current local open API in the process since it is the one thing that is still keeping me around.

Looks great…! Any improvement to the current UI is welcome.

Looks good :slight_smile: The possibility for virtual switches should be part of the system from beginning.

Agreed, Virtual switches are super useful!

That looks great!

I really hope to see a big change, and the news this week sounds extremely promising. Really hope you guys succeed with the plans you have for Vera, nothing would make me happier. Please make it happen, as soon as possible! :slight_smile:

Looks very good !!!

Reverb is an app that lets you issue Alexa commands from your phone. It doesn’t have many features, just simple voice commands. Instead of opening the app, searching for a device, I just tap reverb, say what I want and I’m done. It takes 2-3 seconds depending on the 3g/4g connection. I’d love to see something like that but only for vera for quick access to things…

Regarding UI8

  • setting for scaling per user/device
  • custom icons for devices
  • reorder / hide devices in custom categories / zone (for display only)
  • mix devices and scenes and whatever else i want on the same “page” / view
  • order “pages” left to right so i can swipe between them
  • quick access to commands via swiping up/down starting from an icon (for example tap and hold then swipe up on dimmer shows a percentage and by going up you increase the light level)

Looks very nice and the dark (or night) mode is a really great addition!
While I agree with the others that stability and features is important, a nice UI combined with great UX is very important to me and helps improve acceptance from non technical users and increase the WAF (Wife Acceptance Factor).

Like others before me, I’d be interested in the web interface as well (although it has lower priority). However, with PWA finding more and more acceptance and support, the new UI might be the perfect opportunity to combine both the web and the mobile interface into a single responsive App #dreaminoutloud

From a UI perspective I see a bit of a split.

Have a mobile configurable tile based (like ImperiHome, but we had some more like AutHomationHD) focusing on Control functions; light on, heating up etc. Where the Android version is up to par with the iOS and Windows one. I.e. a fast, compact interface for adhoc control and the non technical users in the house.

Then have a Web interface for controlling the Vera and all devices, scenes etc. How this looks I do not care really. But please do not try to build a mobile interface for all this. No one who ever really did more then the pure basics, wants to do this type of work without a reasonable sized screen to look at and a real keyboard to hit. Really you don’t.

Remember, it is about home automation and not control; i.e. I do not want my Vera to be a complex remote control, I want it to run my house.

Cheers Rene

What a crazy few days on the Vera forums! I’ve spent the better part of the last year becoming familiar with Home Assistant and Node Red and relegating my Vera Plus to just being an overpriced zwave device controller. Then Melih comes out of no where with a fresh sense of urgency to improve this platform and engage the community. Great stuff!

The UI looks slick and shiny. Hopefully there would be the ability to create custom icons/dashboards, a lot of the things Imperihome allows. 4 large separate icons to display temp,humidity,lux,etc could be easily combined into one I would hope.

I’d definitely like to see some of the desktop/browser interface!

Love it. Everything I’m seeing and hearing, I just might upgrade my old Vera (1) controller.