Which flood sensor to use in 2019?

Wanted to add another flood sensor, seems the ones I currently use in my Vera Plus are no longer being sold. There are a lot of newer z-wave flood sensors out there but looking at the reviews it seems a lot don’t play well with Vera (that may be a user problem in some cases). Even searching here doesn’t reveal a lot as far as newer devices. Is there an up to date list of devices that ‘play well’ with Vera? Or better yet, anyone got recommendations for a newer flood sensor?
(simple requirements, works in ui7, prefer to have sensor on a wire instead of built into device)

I really like the Dome flood sensors. I use them both at my home and office.

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Thanks! I have some other brand that looks just like that (may have bought it from Lowe’s years ago) and am happy with them as well. Will order the Dome since its probably who made the ones for Lowes.

I have a bunch of these dome/neo coolcam as well and they work well. The only criticism I would have is their use of lithium batteries which is wasteful and not very efficient for this type of application given the low power draw. 2xAAA would have been a better choice.

I have Everspring units under most of my sinks, THey seem to work fine, but have never had a water leak to test them. For compact or inaccessible locations (Under dishwasher and fridge), I am using Sensative Strips. They look like a Popsicle stick and have a 10 year battery life. Also provide temp and LUX levels. So I can confirm that it is dark under my dishwasher.


@RogerO I have several Everspring ST812s but cant find them for sale anywhere (cept for eBay). Loved the fact that they took AA batteries.

@If479 I think they are still available on Amazon as the Utilitech Water Leak Detector. Looks like the same device, but have not confirmed.

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Ohh I have one of these too. I think they were sold at Lowe’s. Wish I had bought more.

A different route, if I may.
I am tired of the whole battery change and getting to difficult places I have placed my water sensors, “thing”.
I decided to go with a whole house water valve and pressure sensor test algorithm device.
After you get over the initial sticker shock, think about how much money you will spend in water sensors to cover your entire home and the time and money in battery changes and programming and the valve.
Yes it does not connect with Vera but, with automatic water shutoff, do you really need it to?
Anyway, just thought I would leave this right here…
Any thoughts?

That Moen Flo ( meetflo.com ) valve does look interesting. I am assuming there is a monthly fee as well so that the device can reach out to your smartphone. Am sure someone can get it integrated into vera as well seeing its boasting wifi, alexa, google assistant and ifttt. (But even as a standalone device it does warrant some further investigation. The cost of the Flo is much cheaper than an unattended leak running for hours (Yes I have had that in the past, hence my flood sensors in place). Thanks!

As I understand it, the device app, auto shutoff and notifications are fee free. They have an optional program with additional bells and whistles and an insurance letter which may save you that much from your insurance for 5$ / month.
You can read more here.

Also use Dome. Easy to configure. Sensitive to water presence and another alert when sensor is dry. Just thought they are a little expensive.

I have two of those ones from Lowe’s and they work quite well. I like having the control unit mounted well above the floor. Are they no longer sold anywhere? Looks to me that they are still being sold under the Everspring name.

I have a couple of the “FIBARO Z-WAVE FLOOD SENSOR FGFS-101 (300 SERIES MODEL)” from thesmartesthouse.com 6 months ago. Along with a " ZOOZ Z-WAVE PLUS INDOOR SIREN ZSE01", so I have an audible alarm (like if I’m in the house sleeping).

Had no issue pairing any of them and when testing the water sensors, the siren goes off almost immediately (like within 2 seconds). And they continue to work just like they did on day one.

I would recommend them to others, as I have no regrets in my purchase.

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I also have Fibaro FGFS-101 Gen5 flood sensors, which work well and will shut off my water (Fortrezz water shut off valve) when water is detected. They also have child devices which give you temperature in the various locations. I have 3 of the flood sensors in my master bath, two in the guest bath, one in the laundry room, and two in the kitchen. I have had two situations where they triggered water shut off with the Fortrezz valve. Once I dropped a jar of spaghetti sauce on the floor next to one under the toe kick adjacent the refrigerator (it won’t fit underneath the fridge), and spaghetti sauce shut off my guest’s shower in the bathroom. Another time a guest didn’t get the shower curtain completely closed and it shut off the shower midstream (same guest as above). They do work well and I do like getting the temp readings from the various locations in my house as well. They utilize a weird squatty battery but the battery life seems to be pretty good once I changed the default polling time.

I have the Dome sensors and the watercop z-wave valve. I have looked at the moen flo, but that’s not going to help if you have anything less than a pipe burst leak. For example, a slow leak from your dishwasher drain hose would never alert or stop water. However, a dome (or sensative, etc) would detect it, then i have logic to turn off the main water valve. Fully agree with @Jamr about the sticker shock for the value (although only $100) and install into your main water line, but so nice to know that I can just pop a sensor to detect any type of leak and shut down my water from making it worse.

Here is another brand that is pretty inexpensive. I have been pleased with Ecolinks products.


I purchased 5 of the Ecolink flood/freeze sensors and have installed 2 so far. Was told they were Vera compatible but not very happy so far. When I pair the device it also creates some extraneous motion devices besides the flood and freeze sensors; that’s sloppy. The freeze sensor does not give a temperature reading and when I tested it in a ziplock bag of ice the sensor did not trip, so not sure it works.

1 device seems to be doing ok with the battery but the other burns up a battery in about a month; I’ve gone thru 3 batteries so far. The device reports 99% power for the month then the next day 0%. Vera support has looked at it and thinks it may be faulty.
The Everspring device I purchased seems to work fine.

If you have a flood/leak sensor you should test it once a month by touching a wet sponge or cloth on the contacts.

Utilitech seems to play nice with Vera. Can be bought from Lowe’s or amazon

Utilitech Water Leak Detector White Indoor Flood Sensor https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DQXTSY5/ref=cm_sw_r_sms_c_api_i_HO.dDbXX78KZD

Something going on with that coupling. I would call Vera and Ecolink to try to figure it out.