Welcome to the New Vera Community Forum

It will be a learning curve, but I’m starting to get the hang of it.

Teething pains, though, perhaps… a little glitch I’m finding a bit odd… I have browser notifications enabled, and I’m getting notifications for (a) my own replies in posts, and (b) replies by others, but wayyy after the replies are posted, and in many cases, after I’ve read them and replied to them. Is anyone else experiencing either of these, or have I somehow set something up to make myself special again?

Hi Sorin,

I just discovered that we also no longer are able to attach files besides pictures with our post. Am I missing something or does this means that we lose the capability to share script and plugin patches and other files?

I think I have browser notifications turned on, but I haven’t seen any. Could easily be pilot error.

If you enable this option makes any difference?

I added .zip extension with a 4MB upload size limit.

Awesome! Thank you!

Also why the minimum of 20 characters (excluding quotes) for a post? Can it be reduced? Some posts could be only a couple of words.

Scripts are, IMO, more easily doable now with the Markdown ``` formatting cue, and it even does syntax highlighting:

local foo = luup.variable_get( "urn:toggledbits-com:serviceId:WhizBang1", "Frammis", 123)

My 2p (again), I was never a big fan of attaching file, both because it chews up storage, and more importantly, unless you are diligent about going back and doing housekeeping on your posts, some time later down the road someone is going to download that now out-of-date file and upload it to their system, making their problems worse and complicating your life trying to help them. I much prefer linking to Github or PasteBin or something like that.


Yeah but it has its advantages as well. Some people might not have the editor skills to recreate/paste the scripts. Some plugin files may be very large but not enough to create a github repo. A few lines works for your suggested methodology but once it gets more complex, like my mod files it becomes complicated to post.

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Aha! Found the setting and turned it on. We shall see.

I got my first notification a few seconds ago… seems to be working

decreased to 10.

notification is working but with quite some lag… I had already replied to the post 5 minutes before I got the notification. I am using Safari if it makes a difference.

No notifications so far. I’m using Chrome on Win10 Pro.

I notice that the links in the migrated topics still link to the old URL’s. Will this be changed? If not I suppose the old forum has to remain to prevent loosing any valuable downloads needed for whatever purpose like fixing issues.

While checking further I find that links to download files where not migrated. I have some pictures of examples.

BTW Nice forum, looks great. But need some practice to find my way around after being 6 years on the old forum :grinning:

Well this is exciting, I’m sure like many users I’m so used to the old format that this is totally alien, however like most changes I’m sure I’ll soon be used to it and then wonder how we managed with the old version. I remember each time Facebook change things everyone moans and then forgets it was ever any different a few weeks later. I certainly don’t visit the forums anywhere near as much as I used to in the early days (thats good as it means things work) but this looks like a positive change. I just have to work out how to find things.

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I think this is pretty much how most of us feel about the new forum. It does grow on you—I’ve learned quite a bit about how it works in the last day or so, and there are many nice features.

Have to say, I’m finding it a bit of a trial. Doesn’t seem possible just to see new posts. Be they in new topics or not, but (hopefully) I’ll get there.

Did I miss an announcement that it was coming at all? Seems a bit ‘unusual’ to just throw (a chunk) of your userbase into a new community with no warning…


It does seem to get easier, but I expect it will take a week or two to sort it all out. As far as I know, there was no announcement made. They have been indicating that the forums would be upgraded for some time, but I don’t think they gave a date.

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Looks like all moderator privalages have not been transfered over either, was this intended or have I found a bug?