Voice Assistant setup portal webpages broken again Vera and Ezlo hubs

Anyone else having issues trying to use the Voice Assistant setup portal web pages at home.getvera.com ?

Only the Alexa one for Vera hubs seems to be working. The other 3 pages are all broken. The Google Home one for Vera hubs doesn’t even get displayed, it just kicks me back to the controllers list.

And the two pages for Ezlo hubs, Google Home and Alexa the Finish button at the bottom of the page no longer works, so you cannot save your changes as to which devices and scenes are selected or not.

Same problems in both Chrome and Edge browsers.

Also Google says “Something went wrong when syncing Vera Smarter Home Control” when I ask it to update devices.

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Hi, same problem here. Virtual Devices created with Ezlo with the new plugin/integration are not on the Alexa page “Select the devices that Amazon Alexa will have access to”.

That’s not the same problem I described above.

However I just checked and some new virtual devices I created recently are NOT listed on the “Manage Alexa Ezlo” web page.

So I can confirm.

However some virtual devices I previously created on my Ezlo Plus in the past, are listed on that web page.

The whole voice assistant integration is messed up and not working properly and has been for a long time. These issues are not new and have been ongoing.

They have been reported to Ezlo for a very long time now, yet they seem unwilling or unable to resolve them.

This not being able to press the Finish button for example, I’ve seen happen before in the past. Cant remember if that was resolved or if it was just never resolved, but its happening again for me now when trying.

It’s broken too for Google Home. I try to load the ‘Works with Google’, and it can talk to the Ezlo hub and reports back all the devices, buth then I press the ‘Finish’ button and it returns with a "home.vera.com says Something went wrong!

Hello @kirbyb,

Thank you for your message, we checked with an eZLO controller and a few devices, and the Google wizard is responding fine, please send us an email to support@ezlo.com and we will start a more personalized support experience for you.

We will be attentive.


Jonathan Botero.
Customer Care Tier 1 Support.

I can confirm the Finish button doesnt work when you do it via and from within the Google Home app. I tried to reconnect the account and I was able to select and deselect devices and scenes, but not able to save my changes.

Before I was going to home.getvera.com on my PC and in Chrome browser and it doesnt work that way either.

Currently I only have one device paired to the Ezlo Plus that is in the Google Home app. But its always Offline in the Google Home app.

The rest of my devices in the Google Home app are coming from the Vera Plus and those devices can be operated OK via the Google Home app.

I just can’t remove or add any new ones.

Hello @cw-kid ,

Does it have the same behavior if you tap the button and wait for a few seconds? It looks like the response time/ latency is higher now. We opened an internal investigation regarding this.

Thank you for letting us know.

If I click the Finish button once and wait nothing happens.

I am in Chrome browser on my Windows 10 PC on the “Manage Google Home Ezlo” page.

I also see this in the Console


Thanks. We’ll attach that information to the report.

My devices are out of sync on the alexa ezlo page. Devices i deleted last week are still showing.

Try going to your Alexa account the web on a PC desktop or switch your mobile browser to desktop mode.




And select Smart Home from the menu on the left, then Devices.

Scroll down and hit “Remove All”.

Then hit the “Discover” button.

Are your devices in sync now ?

Yeah, can’t try that as i have 50 or so other smart devices in Alexa that aren’t presented by Ezlo

Plus the out of syncs issue is before I ask alexa to look. the devices on MiOS Smart Home
are different from on https://home.getvera.com/amazon/alexa/ezlo/smarthome/devicelist

Hello @meathead88

Thank you for the details, we will add them to the report and we will let you know as soon as we get a response from the relative department.


Jonathan Botero.
Customer Care Tier 1 Support.

Hello all,
I’ve created a ticket in the community bug tracker for you to be able to track progress on the issue resolution.

“You do not have permission to view this request.”

Hello @meathead88
I’ve sent you a PM.

This seems to be the state of play or none play with the voice assistants after I was messing about with it last night.

  1. Manage Alexa for Ezlo - Finish button does not work

  2. Manage Google Home for Ezlo - Finish button does not work

  3. Manage Google Home for Vera - Portal page doesnt even load kicks you back to the controllers list. (Fixed again today 20/10)

  4. Manage Alexa for Vera - Seems to be the only one kinda working.

  5. Devices previously added for a Vera firmware hub into Google Home and Alexa are still operational, they can be controlled via the voice assistant app or via voice command.

  6. Devices previously added into Google Home for Ezlo hubs are not operational and say Offline all the time.

  7. Devices previously added into Alexa for Ezlo hubs, I don’t have any so can’t comment if they still work or not?

@slapfrost Santiago are your support team aware of all the issues with Vera and Ezlo hubs and the voice assistants?