VistaCam 1103 (new OutdoorVue camera), plus deleting alerts o Ezlo Secure controller

Looking for some help here please!

I recently purchased the Ezlo OutdoorVue (VistaCam 1103) which is a TREMENDOUS improvement over the VistaCam 1101 outdoor camera (since I also run 2 VistaCam 702 cameras and couldn’t get the 1101 to function properly on my Vera Plus controller).

Everything connected perfectly to my Ezlo Secure controller hub and I’m now able to run all my devices on the one Ezlo Secure controller. However, I am trying to hook up an outdoor speaker(s) to my new VistaCam 1103 camera and cannot find information anywhere that tells me just what type speakers will work with this camera! I’ve actually contacted the manufacturer of the camera (the camera is made by another company and rebranded as Ezlo. The camera has a pigtail which has a connection for a microphone and a speaker(s) (see photo)

Unfortunately, the instruction manual (Quick Start Guide) does not say what type speaker(s) to use when attached to the camera. I had a set of old computer speakers that have a volume control (amplified?) with a 3.5mm plug that I did connect to the camera which do work. I don’t have a plain external speaker like for a CB radio (not amplified) to test to see if that would work. I have contacted both the manufacturer and Ezlo tech support, and have not gotten a straight answer or recommendation or reply regarding whether the speakers should be amplified or not.

Can anyone PLEASE advise me as to the proper type of speaker(s) to use with this camera???

Also, regarding the alerts sent by my cameras. After switching all my devices to the Ezlo Secure hub, when setting a scene mode (AWAY, NIGHT, and VACATION), when any camera sends an alert out tht the motion sensor has been tripped and a video is recorded, all I get is an alert that states “User created Trigger Fired unknown device” and I am unable to EDIT and DELETE the alerts. All I get is a widow that pops up that says “Failed to delete all of the alerts. Please try again” with an OK button to click. I can’t delete any of the alerts and they’re starting to pile up.

Is there anyone in development that monitors this community that can help, PLEASE? As I have mentioned, the alerts are building up, and have been for about a month now and I’d like to delete them, plus have the alert actually identify which camera sent the alert. This is really getting frustrating. Tech support has said that development engineers have been working on this, but nothing has shown up for firmware updates and such.

Thanks! Any advice or recommendations from ANYONE would be greatly appreciated!

Also, I’d like to be added to the BETA testers again if I could, please. I had been a BETA tester previously, but haven’t received any notice of any BETA releases in quite a while. I had been working with in the past, but not sure that she is still with Ezlo.

Hello @gr8campn ,

As you may know, every speaker needs an amplifier, therefore, in order to use a passive speaker connected to the camera, you may need an external amplifier.
(I just got my headphones mic+stereo connected to the camera using a splitter 3.5 mm and that worked fine)

We are currently working on a known issue in which some alerts are shown as you described. Have you tried the Alerts/History tab? We are still working on improving the information displayed to provide detailed log info for all devices as triggers, but we are starting to see improvements f.e:

How did you set the notification? You could use a Meshbot with a a recording and a Notification as actions whenever the controller is in Away, Night or Vacation and the motion sensor detects motion and add a customized message so you know which camera was triggered:

I’ll check about the Beta tester list status.

Thanks for taking the time to reply!

Yes, I have been using the Alerts/History tab. Tech support walked me through setting up Meshbots when we switched over from the old Vera Plus to the Ezlo Secure controller hub. However, all I can do is view any Alert/Event History and there’s no way to select an event, or events, that is shown and delete them:

Is there a way to select any/all the notifications and delete them? If there is, will this also delete those alerts in the VeraMobile app along with deleting any recorded videos associated with an alert (like the VeraMobile app ‘used’ to do?

When support was walking me through creating Meshbots, I verbally gave him feedback after each step I took in setting up the Meshbot. Below is an example of my Meshbots for my 1103 camera to record a video upon triggering and the second screenshot is of the notification Meshbot for the same camera:

I hope this provides you with some information as to how I’ve got things set up.

Thank you!

Hi @gr8campn

we are glad you use the platform extensively. I can put some light on the features.

For the alert/History tab, we are not using this as a notification list, so you cannot delete or hide those. The actual intent was to provide a system log, to further identify any event/issue or solve problems.
We are working on a more comprehensive system history now , to show each and every event in the system. But these are not related to the camera recordings.

For notifications we are using the meshbots, and they send you a push notification and an email. But these are not stacked/listed in any screen. Maybe we can think on displaying those notifications on a separate notifications screen.

Thank you for your reply! I think I’ve got a handle on that.

However, just within the past few days, I’ve noticed that I’m not getting any push notifications at all, in any scene mode (I checked the Meshbots to see if the settings were still checked for push notifications, and they are set properly. Are you having issues with push notifications being sent out, or might it be that I’ve exceeded a given amount or that my alerts/notifications have reached a maximum number (I know that the Vera Mobile app used to display a warning when one has reached the maximum allowed). If that is the case, it would possibly be due to the inability to delete the accumulated alerts/notifications.

Please advise! Just trying to get everything to work properly.

Thank you!



I’ll check your notification settings on our end.
Could you please confirm your notifications are properly enabled? Go to Vera Mobile app > Settings > Notifications.

Yes, they’re set properly:

However, just after I sent you the last email, I started getting push notifications again??? My scene mode hadn’t changed at all over the past few hours. I had it set to AWAY to get notifications from my Carport VistaCam 1103, and wasn’t getting any push notifications at all until just now. Maybe something that you tweaked maybe?

Thank you!



It seems like push notifications were not enabled for your user. You may need to re-do your scenes and try to follow the triggers and actions I shared before.
I noticed you have some blank spaces in the Meshbot you shared a couple of days ago. Perhaps you used the Vera Mobile app?
If so, can you try deleting and creating your Meshbots again using this time?
I’ll reach out through PM so we can get them properly configured.

Hi @gr8campn

We also designed a separate meshbot to identify /use just for notification purposes:

You can use that one for notification purposes.
We are building an extensive audit trail system as I mentioned. I will keep here updated once we have progress.

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Appreciate the update! PLEASE keep me informed as best as you can on the progress.

I’d like to let you know that there were some issues with the camera triggering constantly, which was very unexpected. Everything had been working GREAT regarding recording of video when the VistaCam 1103’s motion sensor was triggered. My scenes as set up in the Meshbots were working perfectly.

However, yesterday, I was CONSTANTLY getting push notifications and the camera was recording even when I was in the HOME mode/scene. This had not happened over the prior weeks since I’d set them up. I hadn’t changed anything.

Trying to fix the problem, I finally resorted to going into the Vera Mobile app on my iPhone to see what the heck was going on. It was then I noticed that a lot of the settings for the VistaCam 1103 and a lot of my other flood, smoke and CO sensors had reverted back to NO ROOM assigned, which I had initially set up properly with the help of a Vera support tech. I also noticed that the NOTIFICATIONS for the majority of the devices had somehow been changed and were set to send both EMAIL and PUSH notifications…???

On top of that, the scene settings for the VistaCam 1103 had been altered, and no actions were present, and the setting for the HOUSE mode had somehow been changed from either AWAY or VACATION to ANY MODE!!!

I don’t know if this is something that the Ezlo Secure hub had changed/reverted back to on its own or not. It was very disconcerting to have this occur, and took a bit of time to have to go through and check the scene settings for each device again and verify that it was correct and fix it if it wasn’t.

So, at present, I think that I’ve got all of them fixed, and everything shows up in the proper room location. I checked and tested the triggering of the VistaCam 1103 in the carport in the AWAY and VACATION modes and it appears to now trigger and record as it should. Whew!

Might you have an explanation as to why this might have happened, and is there any way to prevent it from happening again? It was a pain yesterday afternoon to have this going on since I was out in the carport, in and out of view of the VistaCam 1103 which was causing it to trigger constantly, even when in house mode and shouldn’t have been doing that.

As always, thank you very much for your assistance, advice and input!


as mentioned by @osman I would write a “Notification MeshBot” for every notification I need.
Notification Meshbots are a different class of MeshBots than “Automation MeshBots”… they have their own other properties etc… so its best to use Notification MeshBots for any Notifications you may need.

Thanks, melih!

I deleted the existing MESHBOT that I’d created, and I did try setting that up per the info provided, however, when I get to the point that I’m done, and need to save it, the SAVE radio button stays grayed out and will not allow me to save it.

I needed to have the notification working, so I had to go back into the Vera Mobile app on my iPhone and re-created a notification that allowed my VistaCam 1103 to send out a push notification. Whew! Scared me!

Any ideas on what went wrong? Please advise!



Hi @gr8campn

can you send a screenshot when the button is grayed out pls


Here’s a screenshot of a meshbot that I was attempting to create:

I believe that I am correctly adding/creating the Notification Meshbot(s). If not, please advise on the proper boxes to fill in and what to select for options when creating.

I also noticed that over the weekend, I stopped receiving push notifications when a camera’s motion sensor was triggered. I looked at my scenes in the Vera Mobile App on my iPhone and found that somehow it appeared that some of my scenes had changed, notably those set to send notifications, plus a bunch of them had reverted to no room assigned; I had fixed those a week of so ago and they were all set and then they reverted to a previous date??? Is there any way to resolve that issue as it’s getting a bit annoying having to keep checking and fixing things.

I saw on the Ezlo Community that there were others who had stopped receiving notifications as well. Is there any reason that the settings for scenes are reverting back to a previous date, almost like someone is restoring to a saved point in time?

Thank you!


on the screenshot you can see red marker on left side of trigger block. Which shows there is something missing on trigger block.
You can see the last value selection does not have a value.

And for the scenes being changed, from your case I sense that there may be a bug on web meshbot editor which deletes the room assignment to scenes so they seem to be removed when you edit them from mobile.
Let me check on that

Thanks for the quick reply, osman!

Okay, can you give me the info for each box that I would need to fill in/select when creating a notification meshbot for each of my cameras? I can’t seem to select, or properly select, the proper setting for each of the boxes from what is given me to select from.

I’ve got 2 VistaCam 702 cameras and one VistaCam 1103 camera. I want to create a notification meshbot for the following scenes/modes:

VistaCam 1103 Carport - AWAY and VACATION scenes
VistaCam 702 Living Room/Dining Room - NIGHT and VACATION scenes
VistaCam 702 Downstairs Living Room - NIGHT and VACATION scenes




In order to use house modes, you need to use “Local Meshbots”

you can achieve the same functionality in Local Mehsbots like this:

And for the Notification meshbot (In case you do not want to use house modes.) you should select the last value in the dropdown


I attempted to use the LOCAL Meshbot, however, under Automation Meshbot, I selected LOCAL, then after after I selected LOCAL:

It pops to a screen:

(not to create a NOTIFICATION), and when I start selecting ADD TRIGGER, the select NODE TYPE → DEVICE, it doesn’t give me the option to select a NODE:

Please advise!

Thank you!


Hi @gr8campn

Let the support team access your account. Normally there can happen 1-2 sec latency on retrieving device list. But if this is a permanent case then we have to check the underlying issue.

@SaraV can you assist pls .

Hello @gr8campn ,

Could you please try deleting the cache and the Indexed Database?

Go to your browser’s Developers options (Chrome: Press F12 or Ctrl+Shift+I) > Application > IndexedDB > ezlodashboard > Delete database. (6)