Version Log

29 July 2020: Version 4.4 is waiting for approval in the MIOS app market, and available now the ALTUI app store.

You can use the Update App in case the update was not automatic. If that fails try to force an update when you are on the same network as your Vera (i.e. this does not work remotely) enter this link in your web browser and put in your Vera’s IP address. http://your vera IP/port_3480/data_request?id=action&serviceId=urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:HomeAutomationGateway1&action=CreatePlugin&PluginNum=8066&Version=40292

Make sure you refresh your browser after uploading the files.

You can find the Wiki with User Guide, Release notes and more details on [url=][/url]. The source files are on [url=][/url] in case you need them, but it is strongly advised to use the App markets to install.

The release notes moved to the Github wiki [url=][/url]


  • As with most special plug ins, mobile apps like Vera Mobile or AutHomationHD have very limited support, ImperiHome does not show it at all.
  • Configure one child device at a time. You Vera will reload after each change because JSON files get rewritten. Some patience is required.
  • The plug in can only detect changes in the current Activity. Other actions like pressing a button on your remote are not communicated by the Hub and thus cannot trigger any events on the Vera. I.e. you cannot control your Vera using your remote.

Discussions that led to developing this plug in and about previous versions are at [url=,14928.0.html],14928.0.html[/url]

Cheers Rene


Version 2.11 is now available in the ALTUI App Market. Pending approval in MiOS App Market.

Version 2.12 is now available in the ALTUI App Market. Pending approval in MiOS App Market.

Added support for the preset House Modes on the Dashboard. So you can start an activity and send device commands when the House mode is changed just like for Z-Wave devices.

V2.13 Changes:

  • When polling interval is configured, do not send a start activity command to the Hub when it is the same as the current activity.
  • In the settings Password field is of type password and thus not showing what you enter.

V2.14 Changes:

  • Small fix to avoid a code bug on start-up when the Harmony Hub cannot be reached.

V2.15 Changes:

  • Fix in case an activity has ten or more steps defined on the Hub.
  • New option Wait on Activity start complete. When set to Yes, the plugin will wait untill the activity is truely started. When No it will return
    immediately and update the Current Activity.

V2.17 Changes:

  • Native ALTUI support. Needs ALTUI 1.82 or later.
  • Use of luup.attr_get rather than accesing luup.devices directly where possible.

After updating this and ALTUI click the Reset button in ALTUI to cleanup the now obsolete plugin defintions the previous version of the Harmony plug-in created.

Cheers Rene

V2.19 Changes:

  • IP Address is now stored in normal variable, no longer in device IP attribute. This should fix issues with setting getting lost.
  • On upgrade the value from IP attribute is used as default.
  • Make sure Duration value does not get written as empty string as Windows App does not like that.

V2.20 Changes:

  • Support for “Only Poll when Home” option. When set the polling will hold in other House Modes as it is not useful and you can turn off
    the Harmony without getting error messages.
  • Much nicer looking on ALTUI
  • Some code clean up.

V2.28 Changes:

  • Changed to communication with the Harmony Hub to their Websocket API. The latest standard Harmony Hub firmware is blocking the
    previously used XMPP API.
  • Some other minor fixes.

V.2.29 Changes:

  • Bug fix for new hub instances.
  • More complete websocket client connect function.

V3.0 a major overhaul and many enhancements and fixes.

  • Allow activity names instead of activity ID to start activities. Add CurrentActivity variable to reflect.
  • Allow device names instead of device ID to send commands to a device.
  • Added change channel command.
  • Added PowerOff command. (= StartActivity with activity ID -1)
  • Added SetPolling command to close & re-open connection to Hub as required.
  • Keep connection to Hub open using ws ping, rather then close after each command to keep receiving status data from Hub.
  • Optimized winsocket code for just Hub use and minimized code.
  • Store activities and devices config. Device commands with device instance. Only send getconfig if unknown or statedigest reports new config.
  • Corrections for scenes advanced editor actions.
  • Fixes for implemented actions.
  • Changes to ALTUI_plugins.js for new lines added to config and fix for Command duration.

Note that is you use ALTUI an updated ALTUI_plugins.js is needed. Attached is a version you can with ALTUI v2.40.2501 until amg0 releases the changes.


  • Minor fix to address json file creation for particular button configurations.


  • Added support for automation devices. For now Lamps controlled via Philips Hue only.
  • Changed call back handling to allow of internal processing.
  • Hardened logAPI.


  • Fixed an issue for the StartingActivityID triggers.
  • Explicitly setting the Hue Lights device catagory_num and subcatagory_num. Seems no functional effect, just how Vera shows it
    when looking by Type.
  • Setting the Lamp model and manufacturer in the device Attributes rather than variables.

V3.5 Changes:

  • On OpenLuup no JSON rewrite is needed as panels are dynamic. Avoids new (dummy) device on upgrade.
  • Corrected button width setting by not fixing the number of buttons per row (UI7 only).
  • Fix to avoid config reload attempts when no lamp devices are present.
  • Fix for restarting while HubPolling is disabled. We can now restart with Hub off.
  • HTTP handler is now enabled by default.
  • J_Harmony.js is now for UI7 and openLuup. J_Harmony_UI5.js for old systems.
  • Added action to change log level without reload
  • Added action to change Remote Images settings in LUA.
  • When device manufacturer is Sonos then the playing Album and last known Volume are shown.
  • Some more ConfigFilesAPI rewrites.
  • Better screen message handling incase of errors or incomplete configurations.

V3.6 Changes:

  • Fix for generating Sonos specific JSON.
  • Fix for changed Hub discovery options with Hub verison 4.15.250 released Feb 19 2019. Not sure how long it will work.
    May brake on a next Harmony release.

V3.7 Changes:

  • Only obtain Hub remote ID on setup or IP address change. Reduces chance of problems when Logitech changes to API again.
  • Increased socket timeout from 10 to 30 seconds to allow load large Hub configs.
  • Better busy check and call_actions will now return failed (3) job status when busy and not overlap requests.

V3.8 Changes:

  • Fix of non fatal error in case no Hue lamps are present.