VeraMobile IOS crash - on "Scenes" screen

I have a case where two iPhones using the same account are crashing the VeraMobile app only when trying to access the “scenes” edit screen.

one is iPhone 7 IOS 14.5.1
Second is iPhone 8 IOS 14.4.1

can someone suggest a solution to it ? thanks

Noticed same issue a couple weeks ago. In my case, I can open a scene and edit some items (like device settings), but when I attempt to edit a schedule trigger, the app simply crashes. iPhone 12, latest iOS.

Hello @unissani & @slackner

We have been able to replicate the issue and it was escalated to the department in charge and they will work on it as soon as possible, is expected to have it resolved in the next release.

I can confirm the same annoying problem. As soon as one clicks on the trigger “time” field to set it the app crashes.