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Hi! I can’t seem to find the Vera Proximity Plugin in the UI7 App Store!? I see it in the UI5 store but my Edge is not listed there. Any suggestions/help, please?

You won’t find it in either app store… its not a vera app.

VERA proximity is an android app found in the play store and installed only on your phone.

Yes, just like integlikewhoa is saying, this is not a “Vera app”. It is an app for your Android phone.

No guys! I’m not talking about the app - it’s the associated ‘plugin’ that I’m needing.

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There is no “associated plugin” that you need. VeraProximity is designed to directly trigger a scene, a virtual switch or a multi switch of your choosing. I guess you could say that the “associated plugin” could be virtual switch or multi switch…but you don’t have to either for VeraProximity to work.

Both are available for UI7.
Virtual Switch: MiOS Apps
MultiSwitch: MiOS Apps

[quote=“brianrozs5br, post:4, topic:188148”]No guys! I’m not talking about the app - it’s the associated ‘plugin’ that I’m needing.

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As was stated there is NO “associated plugin”

I use a multiswitch plugin in vera, then the Proximity app on my phone switches the multiswsitch on and off if I’m home or away.

Vera Proximity is only on Android and there is no other half or VERA side/plugin.

Strange, because it’s listed in the Vera UI5 App Store (but not UI7) and is referred to on the App website!? But I bow to your feedback with thanks. :slight_smile:

I have never released the Vera Proximity Plugin …
It’s an MCV bug that it’s shown in any APP store.

Thanks Richard. Just for clarification - does the app work as a ‘stand-alone’?

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With Vera Proximity (Android App) you can:

  1. Define as many Locations as you want (Home, Office, Mom’s …)
  2. Define as many Fences (Circles of a defined radius) for each Location.

It can notify you and or your Vera when you transition (In or Out) of a fence.
For each transition you can specify to have it do any/all of the following:

  1. Voice Response
  2. Alert Tone
  3. Vibrate
  4. SMS Message
  5. Vera Action
    → Set or Clear a Virtual or Multi-Switch
    → Run a Scene

If you make the Fence very small … it can report going in/out of the fence even if your phone is not moving. This happens when you are inside … if it looses GPS signal it will use Cell towers and that can cause it to think you have moved since it is not as accurate.

I use 2 Fences for reliability. Others use a Fence and a phone ping to maintain reliability.

For me I am home if I transition from an outer radius (.7 mile) and an inner radius (.1) within 10 minutes.
I am away if I transition exit the outer radius after exiting the inner radius.

Garage/Shop alarm partition is disarmed when I am home and garage door opens within 10 minutes.
House alarm partition is disarmed when I am home and I enter the door key code within 10 minutes.

Logic is handled in a PLEG device.
Other things happen when I am home or leaving (Control of HVAC setback, lighting, alarm arming, …)

[quote=“brianrozs5br, post:9, topic:188148”]Thanks Richard. Just for clarification - does the app work as a ‘stand-alone’?

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To say it will work stand-alone would not be very accurate. If you merely install the app on your phone your going to get nothing in vera.

Easiest solution would be to create a scene that you want run when you get home or leave. Then have Vera Proximity run that scene.

A better way would be to install the multiswitch plugin (gives you 8 switches) then use Vera Proximity on each phone to flip different switches for each person. You can then use PLEG to create some logic on what to do when one is home or away or all are home or away.

OK. Thanks!

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I got “wrapped around the axle” using Vera proximity seeing the words “ENTER” and “EXIT” (bear with us Aspie literal types). Once you KNOW, it’s obvious, but to a literal guy like me, these words meant something different :-). There is no way to leave the screen, so I assumed that EXIT somehow took you back to another screen.

I could see the Vera action, but no scenes listed. OK, you have to enter your credentials somewhere, and THEN the scenes display, OK.

You trigger a scene when you enter the area, cool, but what about when you leave? I actually created a SECOND fence at work to trigger my “Away”.

Then it hit me, the “ENTER” and “EXIT” were really “Enter the fenced area” and “Leave the fenced area”. Not EXIT this screen :-).

Works perfectly BTW :-).

I will update the UI … thanks for the feedback!

I am trying proximity.
As I understand it it is frre for 30 days.
Are there any setup instructions, cannot find any on RTS page
I have setup location and 1 fence and a scene but it dose not work.

It’s good for 30days from the time you configure it.
To reset the 30 days delete all the data in the Android App manager.

What is nit working ?

Is there something similar to this app on iOS?

No but veramate has geofence in it. Not as many options or works as good, but I have used it for Iphones.

I have the lokation and a fence, 200 m, set a scene to turn on lights but no luck.

Use additional sensors: yes
Accuracy: 200
Device name: Have
reporting interval: 00:05 (5 min ??)
Fence entry tone: yes
Fence exit : yes
Locked tone (??): yes
Reg key :ui5-number
Debug : none
Vera action: yes
Action: scene “on”
Vera action: yes
Action: Scene “off”

Anyone here ??
No answer ??