Vera plus vs elzo plus

i see ther term elzo plus bouncing around on the forum is this the same thing as vera plus not sure, i have really been here in a minute so i dont know

? :roll_eyes:

No Ezlo Plus is not the same as Vera Plus.

New hardware and firmware.

Same old looking Vera mobile app apparently :grin:


ezlo is the name of the company that bought out MiCasaVera back in 2017 and is pushing out new hardware to replace Vera controllers, as well as updated firmware for their ezlo products and some of the old Vera ones.

This site is still called Vera Community, however, and you’re not the only one confused by the nomenclature being used (especially in the naming of new products almost identically with old ones – “Plus”, “Edge”, etc.)

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Doesn’t matter what they call the new hubs. As long as they work properly.

However we are yet to see a new Web GUI for setup and configuration. No Ui8.

Seems they are sticking with the current dreadful Vera mobile app and building on top of that existing app.

There is talk of a new front end customisable dashboard app like Imperihome in the works.

And no decent logic engine yet?

They have added AND OR to native Vera scenes but I have not seen anything about a proper blocky click and select or drag and drop UI for building more complex logic.

I am a PLEG user for many years. It not pretty but it works for creating complex logic.

I’ve never used Reactor. Looks like Reactor maybe be ported over to the new Ezlo platform.

PLEG is dead seems Richard has moved on.

So likely yet again we will need a single 3rd party talented developer to carry the platform forward if Reactor is indeed ported.

So I will have to learn Reactor or are Ezlo going to pull something special out of the hat? And have a native proper logic engine???

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I’ve not seen yet that Ezlo are going in the right direction.

They are a good company very open and transparent about what they are doing in terms of integrating all the Zwave and Zigbee devices, information about new firmware releases and some details about APIs.

But in other areas I see confusion and lack of overall direction.

It seems the overall picture hasn’t been made clear yet to us.

All we need is a decent Web GUI for setup and configuration it doesn’t need to be pretty it needs to be UI7 as in terms of functionality and improved.

The Ui8 Web GUI is the back end just for setup and not seen on the front end by family members.

As for mobile devices we need a decent dashboard same as Imperihome and again improved. This is the front end interface that family member use on their mobile devices.

We don’t need a Vera mobile app for setup and configuration, but I see why a company needs such an app for basic users or for users who prefer to carry out basic scenes and device setup on a mobile app.

Not something I would ever want to do however.

I’ve used Vera for over ten years and in all that time I have never used the official Vera mobile app.

They have tacked on to the current Vera mobile app a basic customisable dashboard that makes no sense and is poorly thought out.

I just don’t see the point in the current Vera mobile app and its functionality.

We also need a simple user HTTP API. We need to be able to send simple one line http commands to Vera to control devices and run scenes from any other device on our LAN as we can do today with the current Vera firmware.

Developers need their back end API for developing 3td party plugins.

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did they update the zigbee stack for the vera plus?

You meant to say “MiCasaVerde”, but it’s easy to see how to make that mistake!


They will have to update it to support Zigbee 3.0 devices.

Consistent branding has never been the strong suit of either company. Google searches reveal all manner of false starts and mashups; even the name ‘ezlo’ is not uniformly capitalized the same way among its own employees!

Most serious IT companies establish these things early on, including a company font, a sizing schema, a Press kit, a theme color, a usage guide, a formal logo with downloadable variations, etc. and place these things prominently on their website.

And I can’t recall the last time after a takeover that the new firm decided to name its revamped products after the soon-to-be-retired (EOL) old ones. I find it rather jarring, though certainly novel!


In honesty that will take you about an hour, tops…



Is there a way to transfer my vera plus over to the new controller ?

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cw-kid if you used PLEG then you will love Reactor and it is much easier than PLEG to create complex logic ladders

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I just called on that today 5-12-2021 and was told no. You need to re-add each device etc. Support said you don’t need to remove the device and then re-add, you only need to re-ad.
Hope this helps.

Not sure who from my colleagues told you this, but it is definitely necessary to exclude a Z-Wave device before it can be included again.


Thank you for your comment.
Perhaps I need to clarify. I was told when switching from a device that was connected to a vera plus controller… I didn’t have to unpair it from that controller… I only had to add it to my new Ezlo Plus…
Please reconfirm you comment as I need to better understand what I am about to get myself into beforehand.

Thank you again - Lou

Two ways to do it.

  1. Unpair / exclude the device first from the Vera Plus, then pair it to the Ezlo Plus.

  2. Don’t unpair / exclude the device from the Vera Plus.
    In this case, when you attempt to pair the device to the Ezlo Plus it won’t pair initially, you will then be prompted to try removing the device and then you can try to pair it again, which should then work OK.

Thanks for the info. This is what I was expecting to the case, contrary to my initial guidance.

I appreciate you prompt reply.

FYI… my new Ezlo plus will be used in a new location. 3 other existing locations with robust Z-wave integration will be converted over to Ezlo, only after you have your web based interface up and running, so please pass that along to you developers. I suspect that there are many that share this same sentiment… and if you take too long, many will migrate off the platform altogether, so please make that a priority.

Thank you. - Lou

Hello @Starpilot

Thank you for the feedback, we’ll pass your recommendations to the team.

We also invite you to keep an eye on our Official Announcements to find out first-hand about the status of the WebUI.

There is an Alpha Web GUi for Ezlo hubs.

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