Vera Plus Luup code not running in scene step 3

Vera plus is running latest code. I have a scene that has been running for a few years over the summer to watch for lightning and when a count is reached from a file on my website it pulls in my awning. It’s a standard scene except for the condition must be met in step 3 luup in order to fire. The luup code below was put into step 3 (Also, execute the following Luup code: ) when creating a scene. It basically goes to the website looks at the count within a file and if it’s greater than 15 the scene will execute otherwise the scene will abandon. Something has changed where the code is being ignored and the scene runs now regardless of the count. I have to get into it and start checking logs etc but wondering if anyone has had issues since November 2021 when using luup in step 3. Something has changed.

**on a side note - I recently also had a problem using simple luup code return luup.is_night() in a trigger as it wasn’t working. I just hard coded a time and moved on but now wondering if there is an overall issue with scenes when trying to use luup as it too was being ignored

local threshold = 15
local a,b = luup.inet.wget “

local status = false – by default, abandon scene execution
if a == 0 and b then
status = tonumber(b: match “%d+%.?%d*”) > threshold

return status

Although not for Vera hubs,
we built a whole new framework for being able to communicate with anything http…we called it a WiFi Plugin in Ezlo.
would love your feedback on it if possible please?
it should make doing what you are doing much simpler than running Luup code…User simply enters the commands they want in the configuration menu, set a name for this new “Device” (it turns it into a virtual device)…then allows control of this device in MeshBots.

here is some more info on this Ezlo - WiFi device generator plugin is on the Market place

Thanks for the response. I’ll check it out. However, I need the solution for my Vera plus at this time.

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This is a bug that was introduced at sometime between now and last November. The exact same luup code works when running through Reactor. It’s becoming ridiculous that issues like this are not caught prior to pushing out a release. Please fix this