Vera iOS apps list

I am very much looking forward to the iVera 3 Lite box in 2012, receiving a reply back from the team at MiCasaVerde I was told that there were several iOS apps for the hardware, but they did not elaborate.

Can anybody list the iOS apps available for the Vera hardware please?

SQ Remote

  • Garrett

Ah, thanks. iVera seems to be the best one as it’s free and of course dedicated:

While SQ Remote seems to deal with HiFis mostly the other,, is a lot of money:

I think I’ll go with iVera

[quote=“hunjkins, post:3, topic:169785”]Ah, thanks. iVera seems to be the best one as it’s free and of course dedicated:[/quote]

Actually, iVera is not free. the full version is $29.99. The free version is a demo that will only let you control 2 lights and scenes.

I have the paid version of iVera & I’m glad I do. It’s spartan, intuitive, and just works.

I have not used SQ remote, however. I understand that’s less expensive at $10. I don’t know what iVera does that SQ doesn’t.

Well I only have one 3-pin plug module at the moment, so the light version ill suffice.

What of the actual software that comes with the iVera, that is free right, is it usually updated for free?


Firmware updates for your physical controller, Vera, by Mi Casa Verde, are free of charge.

The iOS apps mentioned in this topic, including iVera, are all developed by 3rd parties.

So the iVera software for the iVera hardware isn’t even MiCasaVerdes? I don’t mean iOS now, I mean the software that comes with the hardware like how to control it. Or is there only iOS software, no Mac OS X app?

Have you noticed prices being charged for updates?

Yes. iVera is not MCV.

The software used to control Vera resides within Vera herself. She can operate without any computer being connected. To access Vera and program scenes, timers, and so forth, you use your favorite Web browser.

I have iVera and SQ Remote, and use them both. I have never been charged for updates to anything.

Ah right, so that Web interface is universal and maintained by iVera with firmware updates?

The other (API) plugins are then just for use with specific devices.

Is there any OS X software, I suppose there is no need?

Note that iVera is the 3rd party iOS app. There is no firmware or web interface associated with iVera. But there is with Vera, the actual hardware.

To access Vera from you Mac, use your favorite browser (as @DaveL17 pointed out).
To access Vera from your iOS devices, use any of the 3rd party apps.

Oh I see, so Vera is the Hardware e.g. “Vera 3 Lite” and the “i” prefix is the software interface.


iVera is just the name of an iOS app that knows how to talk to Vera. Same for or SQ Remote. Or any of the apps for other platforms. None of these apps are created by Mi Casa Verde.

I see, so the only software that MCV makes if the firmware that comes with the hardware, the one accessible via the browser.

Personally iVera seem like the best software all round for what I need.


All the 3rd party apps like ivera are apps that interface with Vera. Think of it as a remote control for vera.

  • Garrett

The is a new IOS app “Vera Mobile” released 6 Jan 2012 which is currently free and by SQnP See,9183.msg60397.html#msg60397

I believe it is compatible with UI5 and not with UI4.

Interesting. There’s not much info on the App Store, but in the screenshots it looks like you can write new scenes with the app.

Is that true?

I downloaded it but I was not able to connect. I have UI4 maybe someone with UI5 will give it a go…
For more information see,9183.0.html

Tried it and it found my vera3 with UI5 but then kept giving the message “Unable to connect, trying another engine” which means absolutely nothing that I can understand. What other engine? What does that mean? No settings other than my mios login. Deleting it as it just keeps trying over and over.

I really love the You can get push notifications on your iOS devices.