Vera future?

Not yet, I have to learn more about the new models …

this model, and an affordable price, will arrive here in Brazil at twice the price. I will wait for the new users …

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Any discussion on integrations? For years Vera has been the only viable Zwave option for Control4 as an example.

One of the Devs recently stated Control4 integration was on their road map for the Ezlo platform.

Not sure which thread it was however.

Found it

What happened to Vera and Ezlo Linux? I do not see it mentioned other than brieafly in the 2.0.7 release notes. The beta announcents up to 2.0.3 explicitly included the edge (“We’re excited to release a new update for the Ezlo Linux v. firmware for Ezlo Plus and VeraEdge controllers running Ezlo Linux firmware”, in 2.0.4 this changed to “We’re excited to release today a new Beta Ezlo Linux firmware v. with the following” and this continued for 2.0.5 and 2.0.6,
The 2.0.7 release notes changed this again - " We’re excited to release the new Ezlo Linux firmware v. for Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure controllers" (yes the edge is mentioned briefly under “known issues”)

What is happening here? Is Ezlo quietly trying to bury the Veras? will the vera edge/plus and secure get an official Ezlo Linux upgrade? should I go elsewhere? are my hopes futile? will 7.32 of the “old vera firmware” be the last and final release for the veras=

it sure looks like it.

You can run Ezlo Linux on old Vera hardware.

on a vera secure? How? which version? is there any documentation on how to do it?

Hi @sunqan,

Do note that is you choose to reuse the Vera hardware it will be completely wiped clean when installing the Ezlo firmware on it and you have to start from scratch to include all devices. Hopefully they come up with a solution so this will no longer be needed, but there is no commitment nor a time line.

Cheers Rene

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I am fully aware of that, and it really posts no problem…
The problem is that the Vera secure is having too many issues., And the upgrades promised initially, do not seem to arrive… it has been too Long.

But i am still waiting for @melih to substantiate his claim and provide any info on the support for Ezlo Linux on any Vera but the edge, and how to do the upgrade. until then, I have Little Faith.


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