Vera future?

I agree, Ezlo Hub Family allows rip and replace amongst Ezlo Hub Family itself.
It doesn’t “yet” do replacement for “other” hub families.

So a replace without need to reinclude devices (zwave,zigbee, ip) is supported on the Ezlo hubs today? I have not seen that documented anywhere. Can you provide details?

we have the framework, not exposed as a feature yet. (hot swappable hubs! with some caveat initially).

2 levels
1-like for like replacement of a hub (without the need to reinclude)
2-Hub family replacement of a hub (without the need to reinclude)

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So what does this mean for the business community? I just finished the final phase of a short term rental project where we connected about 40 door locks to several vera edge controllers. Keep in mind this use case is growing rapidly and there are new SAS companies popping up every month diving into the door control market.

It means, we are investing heavily in creating a platform that will serve our business community as well as home users.

Look at the capabilities we have, and the investment is continuing in developing code to expand the framework.
We also have rental SAS companies using Ezlo hubs as a platform to service their rental properties (they do have their own UI etc).

The biggest issue (for my opinion) is to pair with a new Hub for all the modules.
Now you can replace a Vera Hub with a new one in case of a problem, maybe you can do that only for the communication with the modules.
I don’t mind to set all other scenes and setting from scratch.
Kind of big reset…

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This will be provided via a “backup” capability…
You will be able to backup an existing one and “restore” it to a “like for like” hub.
This should also keep your scenes etc in tact.
Engineering team has started working on this feature.


When you say “like for like” will we be able to easily migrate from a vera edge to whatever is replacing it?

I am talking about Ezlo hardware, not Vera Hardware I am afraid.

So you will be able to replace Ezlo hardware with Ezlo hardware. (this was the question asked initially).

Will there be a simple migration path to go from vera edge to Ezlo or will be an complete rebuild?

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We haven’t tackled this issue yet.
First we are building Ezlo framework to be the best framework.
We know we can get both Vera and Ezlo to work under one account. So this is one path.
But once we are ready, we will put our engineering resources to see if/how we can create a migration path.

I ordered another Vera Plus as a backup and will keep it in the box. I am going to milk it for as long as I can. If the first one goes I’ll just restore a backup on to the second.

Vera Controllers are already getting harder to find.

I was hoping /talking about vera to ezlo.
Cant see myself pairing all modules.

I control 3 family houses and I have several customers in Brazil that use Vera Plus and Edge, I always indicated them for purchase, now I don’t know what to do … what will be our future !?


Ezlo Hubs

I have an Ezlo Aton, by the way it was the first in Brazil to receive it, but it is not a product that I recommend and use.


Have you seen Ezlo Secure?

Difficult choice with Vera/Ezlo currently - Ezlo Plus not yet for sale, and not ready for mass market, and vera products no longer being made (I believe)

Just wait and see…VERY soon…like I mean, VERY soon…not months, not weeks…

Now you can order Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure

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