Vera future?

I can’t seem to find the official communication with this information, perhaps I’ve missed it. Since the Vera platform seems to be dying, what is the future timeline for vera? When will FW updates (not that they were frequent to begin with) stop, when will support for the iOS app be a problem, when will the vera server be turned off?

Like so many others, I’ve invested a ton of time in this thing and the thought of moving to something else is something that gives me the shakes.


Very good question and I’m in the same position and probably many others too. I also like to know this.

@melih, can you please tell us more on this end off life scenario for Vera products?

We don’t have any plans to “end of life” Vera anytime soon.

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Thanks for your swift response. I’m a long term Vera user and have liked the product and it’s community a lot. It would be good to know that the Vera products will be supported at least for two more years. Can you confirm that this will be the case?

But if the controllers aren’t being made, it seems hard to believe there will be a full support system for much longer. I guess some of the trailblazers will find migration procedures and get the tools in place to make migrations possible when the time comes.

can you pls define “support”?
We don’t have any short/medium term plans to “stop support”.
Cloud will still operate…
Apps will still operate…
Firmware will still operate…

Thanks again for your reply, that is sufficient for me. At least I now know that my current functionality remains working.

in an Ideal world, we would create a “upgrade path” of some sort for our Vera users. I can’t promise it, but it would be good if we did it. Not sure how/what it would be, so please don’t hold me to it, but would be great if Vera users could start using new hardware and use their Old Vera hardware with new Ezlo Hardware together in one account. This would give them an opportunity to migrate all their devices to Ezlo hardware over time without any rush…


I don’t mind migrating. But looking to the time it takes to get a new platform up and running including the development of some necessary plugins simply takes time. I have followed the development of Homey and that took three years to come to a more mature state.
To me the most tricky part are the community’s developers. For Vera there are many plugins which makes it a nice solution. It might be challenging to come to a similar environment for Ezlo devices. Let’s wait and see.


In an ideal world I suppose a company could buy up a ready made customer base and walk all over them by expecting them to go through a very antagonizing process to upgrade to a new controller and pay them for that privilege. Since we don’t live in an ideal world maybe we should talk about a more realistic solution. Since that company acquired the Engineering skills for the Vera equipment to utilize them to create the new equipment perhaps they could create a database translator to assist the customer base in the upgrades? This realistic approach could help keep the current customer base from switching to new vendors and prevent them from trashing said company when they leave?


Only if it was that simple, we would have done it by now.
The problem is: a device, les say “Device A” that is paired with a “Hub A” wont recognize “Hub B”. Its not a simple “database translator”.

Of course we want vera userbase to stay with us, of course we will do everything possible (within limits) to achieve that. But please understand there are technological barriers. Let us finish all the plugin framework in new Ezlo first before we tackle this issue.

so will you continue to sell them?

when Ezlo products will be available for EU?

we now have a brand new Hardware range, hoping for January (please don’t hold me to that date though).

Does it work offline?

Of course it does :wink:

You can see full capabilities here! Its a very capable platform and have a lot of Engineers working on it continously.

Within the last year or so I physically replaced a Vera Lite with a new Vera Plus by saving the database from one and loading it onto the other. I believe there may be technical challenges, and without the new hubs completed or designed with hooks to accommodate the transfer it would certainly be premature try to do that. However, to proceed without the current customer base included in the plan would seem to be a weak marketing plan to a casual observer.

I don’t think anyone expects a solution on day one but as the useful life of the current devices winds down some positive indication from Ezlo would be helpful well before the change out.

Will it be available in EU version soon too?

yes it will!..

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IMO a hub (family) must allow rip and replace. This is one of the key features why I selected Vera. Now that path has headed into a dead-end (no new hardware available), I hope Ezlo will offer it for the Ezlo line and it will be on my short list for a new controller. If it will be possible to move from Vera to Ezlo HW, it will be Ezlo in the future.

In the mean time I just hope none of my production Veras will die.

Cheers Rene

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