Vera device as a trigger for Alexa routines

Would it be possible to enable a Vera device (real or virtual Vera device) that could be discovered in Alexa and then used as a trigger for Alexa routines?

An example of a purpose for this might be the use of a Vera virtual switch (simple on off value)
Create a new routine in Alexa and select when this action happens then select smart home device and select the virtual switch as in an on state perform the following actions (various action available in Alexa but not available in Vera e.g turn on kettle etc etc…)
Currently I have 34 devices from Vera added to Alexa (and voice controllable) but 0 of them show as a trigger option for a Alexa routine

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I use the Switchboard plugin to create virtual devices that are recognized by ALEXA and that trigger me routines.
This allows me to launch the sequence of opening or closing the shutters of my house vocally.

I have virtual switch that are detected listed in Alexa as smart home devices to command verbally but none of them show as device triggers for Alexa routines.
Might you kindly be able to post a screenshot of a new routine in Alexa which shows your Vera device available as device triggers please?
P.s I added switchboard and a virtual binary device and made I available to Alexa and it was discovered but still does not show as a device trigger for an alexa routine.

That’s because Vera/Ezlo doesn’t offer that functionality yet. It’s been discussed for over a year, but no answer. Personally I think it would add a lot to the system, especially now that Alexa can read calendar events, email, and run skills from within a routine. Currently I have a Smartthings hub running to take advantage of this. I have a scene that runs once every morning that greets me, tells me what’s on the schedule, tells me the weather, and gives a traffic update before leaving for work after entering the kitchen. I wish Ezlo could do this.

Would it be possible to get some comments from Ezlo devs on helping us to understand what is involved to enable this functionality and what the dependence’s might be please?
I agree that this would boost veras capability dramatically (and by the sound of it match smartthings hub).
Found this API description

Perhaps it might be possible to create a virtual contact or motion sensor that can use the contact and motion sensors api ( ) along with PSU compliant? ( )

More information here:

Any Ezlo developers on this forum?

Might it be possible to get some input from @Ioana or @MCakan how this feature is progressing through Amazon security verification please?

I think Ezlo are not really interested in adding functionality to the legacy platforms, and from thier marketing speel are only consentrating on thier new controllers.

On the question of using vera to start alexa routine, i can think of 2-3 ways to do this

  1. install openlump on a device and then use VeraAlexa plugin to start routines ( you maybe able to do this on vera if Jquery is included in next FW update)
  2. Install node-red on a device with alexa-remote2, then you can control routines or individaul smart devices and more.
  3. install virtual button skill. you get 1 free button any more you have to pay a subscription

I have been informed from an internal resource that this is being worked on and @Lona or @MCakan are leading this task and I would hope to see a reply from one of them.

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There’s no question that the new ezlo VOI™ feature is intended to do precisely what the OP seeks – albeit only from certain controllers, with specific firmware (for now) – but it’s still very much in the testing phase.

I second the notion that we (regular Vera users) could really benefit from the added functionality that opens up with full Alexa control. In theory, this could become the “ring to rule them all” holy grail of home automation, if done correctly, IMHO!

P.S. The current roadblock to Alexa Routines having more triggers is an Amazon developer issue, not so much a Vera/ezlo one. Amazon is taking (agonizingly slow!) baby steps toward implementing this kind of interoperability, but it’s sure to come.

I believe that smartthings and hubitat, homeassistant already have this functionality

Hi @PrincessCleavage,

As LibraSun said we’re working on the Ezlo VOI™ feature, that enables you to create automations that have as triggers devices connected to you controller and actions on the devices controller by Alexa.

We’ll release an update soon for Ezlo Smart Home Control skill that will enable the devices that are paired with the Ezlo Platform to appear as triggers in the Alexa routines.

When I say devices paired with Ezlo Platform I mean devices that are paired with any of the following hubs:

Is there any interest in providing this functionality for legacy devices?

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Thanks for the information @loana Will the Vera Plus be supported for this functionality? I think i read that the linux firmware is also being developed for the Vera Plus

No, they already made it clear that current generation is done.

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So if we upgrade to the new linux firmware, will we still get use of all the great plugins and our step ups. Or do we have to re-write all our logic again?

We’ve started already testing for the Ezlo Linux firmware for Vera Edge controller, we plan to offer in the future this possibility for the other legacy Vera controllers: Vera Plus and Vera Secure.

Basically all users that want to use their current Vera controllers will have the ability in the future to install the Ezlo Linux firmware and enjoy all the new features.

We’re working on adding as much value as possible built-in our Ezlo Platform, but we’re also continuing to have our platform OPEN for developers to write plugins and enrich the platform. We’ve released already pre-alpha documentation for LUA API and Ezlo Hub API.

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the latter. No code or plug-ins are compatible with the new fw. You have to start from scratch, as you changed platform. See other thread for further discussion, but I’m on the fence for something completely new => Zwave Network On Vera Explained and I’m not alone.


@Ioana To clarify, are you saying i would have to re-wite all my logic?

@therealdb I think you may be correct, shame as the platform looked the best 5 years ago. Now i feel i should look for other alternatives. Cheers for the link will add it to list of possibilities.

What exactly do you mean when you say re-write all the logic ? Are you referring to recreate the scenes you currently have? or certain plugins?

I’m asking this clarification to see what you need in order to switch to the new Ezlo Platform.