Upgrading Rental Properties. Vera vs Ezlo

I have used Yale zwave locks with Vera for many years with great success at our vacation properties. Every renter has a unique ID that is only valid during their stay. I need a new controller at a site and am considering Ezlo. I can’t determine how the Ezlo functionality/reliability compares to Vera. The lack of discussion makes me think that the Ezlo product is not widely used for lock management or that people managing locks, like me, are reluctant to migrate since the vera product has worked so well for this. It is critical that I can manage the locks through a browser since I am not onsite. Thanks for any help or advice!

The need for proven Web UI makes this a no-brainer: Vera all the way.

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Great point. Thanks. The Vera lock functionality is very granular and stable. For rental applications it is critical to be able troubleshoot and manage remotely. Guests don’t like to be locked out! I have recommended Vera to many other property owners. Hopefully the Ezlo UI will mature before too long

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Most definitely!
Ezlo will have all the granularity required for the any rental property.

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Agreed. Maybe in a year or two things will be different and we can revisit this question?

Best option for right now? 1) Buy used Vera on EBay 2) Use Ezlo and remotely log onto a computer to manage locks 3) Use a different hub system?
I’m a bit hesitant with eBay since it could be doa or could brick with system upgrades. Ezlo is a complete new product that may not be ready for security service. I am 500 miles away from the rental property so a stable system that can be reliably managed remotely is key. I haven’t checked recently to see what other platforms offer the scheduling capability that Vera has. Previously I found the functionality was quit limited.


hi there, I am here to help! what exact granular control do you need? Will make sure to provide it to you ?

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I now need a new hub at my home, migrating from Indigo. Does Ezlo have similar programming capability for locks as Vera? Finding a non- European Vera is not easy. There is a new one on Ebay for $250!

Good morning,

We are currently integrating many of the locks that worked with our second generation hubs. Depending on the model, it should behave the same way as before. Best thing for the moment is to check with us to verify compatibility and bug free integration. The Ezlo Plus and Ezlo Secure are currently unavailable in Europe.


I’m in Pittsburgh PA so Ezlo should work. I have used Yale Assure zwave locks with glass touchscreen for many years, finding that they were very durable even in in coastal areas with salt. If Ezlo plus works with this locks, I will give it a try.

Hello @clawmd,
We kindly invite you to look for the model number of your door lock. You should be able to find it on the device (usually removing the battery cover,) the manual, or the box. You can also ask the manufacturer. Then, you can see our list of fully integrated Z-Wave devices here to make sure your device is listed. If the device is not listed, you can use our Community Feature and Bug Tracker tool to send an integration request. More information on this tool here.

The Yale lock is on the list. Maybe somebody can answer three basic questions. 1) Is programming done via a smart phone app or is the beta version of the UI able to doe this? 2) Is there anyway to unlock the door while off-site? Is there anyway to program a lock to lock after it has been unlocked for a certain amount of time?

Thanks for any help!

At the moment, it is only possible through the iOS and Android apps for the Ezlo controllers. It will eventually become available via the web UI once it is fully developed.

Yes, through the app, and even on the beta web UI, it is possible to unlock and lock provided that the system is online.

Yes, not only do most locks have this setting in their own menu, but for those who do not, or when you want to do it from the controller, you can do it via scenes as you do in Vera. I just tested it with a Yale YRD446 by creating a scene to have it lock 30 seconds after it is unlocked either through the keypad or manually and it worked as expected.

is your interest for commercial properties or just personal use?

Hello Melih, I am Tito Ardila; CEO of Horus (https://www.horussmartcontrol.com/), we are your OEM in Colombia, we have clients throughout Latin America, now we just have a project of 1200 apartments in the Dominican Republic and we need to quickly deliver an access solution to the lock where the client can create and delete keys from their lock from Our platform, Erwin Bosma is assisting us but it is very good that you have knowledge, it is a very important functionality that we must work on, excuse my English.

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of course Tito. We are here for you.
Happy to get our engineering team involved as well.

Thanks Melih, our team is also working very hard, great things are coming, we hope to close great deals and give very good news soon.