Updates for EZLogic - Beta 0.4.1 (Ezlo Hubs only)

We are glad to announce updates for EZLogic - Beta 0.4.1 !

Link: https://ezlogic.mios.com
Previous: Beta 0.3.1

Date and Time → Interval

It is possible to create a MeshBot and run Action at specified time intervals.

Available time units:

  • seconds
  • minutes
  • hours
  • days

Bug fixes:

  • Date and Time → Custom time → ‘Before’ and ‘After’ am/pm switching
  • Multiple triggers issue (more that 2) in nested groups

Dashboard still not working (uid/pwd issue still remains). Controller settings give empty page.

So I thought I’d change my password on the getvera.com portal. I now have a password that has characters in it this tool dos not accept! Please make sure the password rules on all your sites match.

I now have a password that has characters in it this tool dos not accept!

Let me try to clarify password issue:

  • You can login to ezlogic.mios.com.
  • Then you see Dashboard page and cannot login to Dashboard using the same credentials
    Am I right?
    Couple of words about Dashboard, it is another web application and before we have SSO users have to login twice.

Controller settings give empty page.

About controller settings page.
This page is under development. For now, users are able to manage their controller groups. You can combine your controllers in a group. Then you can manage all devices, all meshbots (local scenes) for all controllers in a group simultaneously! But this page displays properly for accounts with 2 and more controllers.
We have this task in our plans and we will cover single controller case and controller settings soon.

Two things; yes I can login to the site, but the dashboard will not accept the same uid/pwd (after changing it again). You seem to suggest that I should not get the second logon, but for what ever reason I do and that is at your end to fix.

Second issue is that I can change my password on getvera.com that the ezlogic site does not accept due to some character(s) used. You have to get those password rules aligned and it would help to show the special characters allowed and not say ‘some special characters’ as it does now.

I know this is all early test, but it would be nice to show that something is coming rather than a blank page. Save both of us time.

Hi, @reneboer, thanks for your feedback, you help us a lot!

the ezlogic site does not accept due to some character(s) used.

We changed validation rules for password field, ezlogic should accept your password now.

Thanks @maksympc

But the real problem is not fixed. I still cannot use the dashboard as the second login fails.

Same here. With my main account I’m not able to login to the dashboard configurator. I’ve created another admin account with which I’m able to login to the dashboard. Maybe you can try that out.

Hi @reneboer , @Odysee we are currently having a technical issue on the login backend and our devops are onit to solve. I will inform you after it is resolved so that we can address the problem correctly. Thanks for your patience

I still face issues while editing scenes, resulting in a blank screen.
What happened to the time “in between” option? I can’t see it anymore in the UI.