UI7 ▾ Web UI ▾ 7.0.29 GA - April 24, 2019

We did some later edits and added it back. It is present but without a pairing wizard. It can be added as a generic device and Vera will recognize it.

Update ok here with veraplus. but… no visible changes for me…

What about Google Home support ?


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Please read the release note for the RC. Google Home support is in the hands of Google not vera/ezlo.
I understand many people are often (over) invested in it and have been requesting this integration (which to me is a terrible idea) and in this case, you should be going to google and threatening them to toss google home out the window if they don’t offer vera support instead of coming here to complain and see where this gets you. You are barking at the wrong tree.

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Support for Google Home is already part of the 7.29 firmware. We’d love to be able to do more and faster but the ball is not in our court at the moment. We’ll keep you guys posted as soon as we have more details.

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I did the update today with my Vera Plus and all scripts, all PLEG devices, all PLEG scripts, all rooms and all names are lost. I just created a ticket at support.

Upgraded the production Vera Plus (100+ Z-Wave, 13 plug-ins, some Wi-Fi lights) with no issues either during the upgrade or in operation. The VP is extrooted on a 128GB SSD. Speed and stability is noticeably improved. The beta and release process was well-executed.

I am extremely encouraged by this and am looking forward to the next steps. Congratulations to all!

Tech support did already restore my configuration. And my Vera Plus is back operational. This is how support should work. They made me happy. And I noticed after some small tests a faster response. Great work guys!


I upgraded my Vera Plus to 7.0.29 GA today. Generally went well but all Scenes using Fibaro Double Switch 2s “forgot” about them in Step 2 Actions so I had to recreate these steps. The strange thing is that I also have a Fibaro Single Switch 2 and the Scene using this “remembered” the Step 2 Action OK as did other Scenes using other z-wave modules.

Just upgraded my VeraPlus, it did come back up completely clean (no devices or scenes). One hour and a support ticket later, everything is fine. :slight_smile:

Can’t say i feel much change, still a bit sluggish on the web interface, but everything works well.

Edit: I have to go back on the speed thing, the web interface is definately quicker now. Good!

The code is actually in the firmware. I can see it. IFTTT is like google home native integration a very bad idea of cloud to cloud integration which is complete nonsense from a technical standpoint being a liability to your home with no value added (unlike google home) but that’s just my opinion. Everything it does could and should be done locally. I may be a bit more tech savvy than most but to me the setup convenience they provide is far from outweighing the security, reliability and speed of local processing.
Vera needs to make a choice of whether going for cloud processing and integration like smartthing, or go local like homeseer and hubitat. Most of us are here in great part because of the local processing so relying on the vera server, which is what IFTTT and Google home are imposing, is contradictory to the design principle.
That being said, you are more disappointed by the undelivered promises and credibility which is understandable. The lesson to learn is to buy not on future roadmaps but on current capabilities. That’s the only way you can hold the selling company accountable.


A little leary after the last update requiring someone from Romania on an RDP session to my Laptop so they could ssh into my Vera from a “local” ip to fix it and that took hours to accomplish. Not so concerned to have them on my laptop as I could see what was going on but really? The f/w before that required a little massaging from Vera Support too but not to this extent.

It seems to always be an issue with free memory. Any tips to avoid that? I have removed the ENRGY plugin since but I’m still leary. I especially don’t want to loose my custom app from Pool Control and all the settings and scenes as well as fully functional Alexa Routines with an update when things seem to be running pretty well.

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Have not been prompted to upgrade to GA yet. Firmware menu states I am running latest.

Saw the notification on my dashboard last night and figured “New company focus, what could go wrong” Backed up and hit update. Bricked my slightly older than one year old Vera Plus. Which was a replacement for the one that was bricked back in Jan 2018.

For people who brick their units I would suggest to read up this:

Think it is too late for that. Cannot get ssh to connect anymore. Can get the prompt sometimes, but will not accept the root password.
Likely their warranty is going to be one year and I will end up deciding to stay with Vera or learn openhab. Good news is I am retiring soon so will have lot’s of time.

Thanks for your response. Have been following your thread on memory usage, but I don’t do much with mine so never thought I needed to worry about it. And since it was just over a year old, I have not upgraded firmware that many times yet.


Mine is going on 4 years old. No warranty for me…

Upgraded Vera Plus & 2 Vera Edge tonight. Both Edges no problem & noticeably faster. Vera Plus not so good. Upgrade Crashed, Not enough space (Memory). Called support & they got it back up & running. New Firmware doesn’t seem to be any faster. Will see how it goes?

Upgraded Vera Edge device. I have problems with my Fibaro Keyfob which was working perfectly before the update. The device is configured but there is no responce whatever I click on the keyfob. Tried to modified some buttons settings but there is no changes; no scene is launched.

Maybe I should try to remove the keyfob and add again, but before I would like to know if there is any kind of z-wave communication which is ignored.

with me the same thing (vera plus), I have already removed and added again, however the functions of the buttons are changed and some functions do not work

Have you confirmed that the problem is actually with the keyfob and not the Scene settings. As noted above, when I upgraded my Vera Plus yesterday some of the Scenes I had previously set up lost their “Actions”. This meant that it initially appeared that the Scene Controller I was using was not working but looking at the Scenes page on the web interface showed that the Scenes were actually being triggered (the “Last Run” time was updating) but nothing was happening. Going in to “edit” the individual Scenes showed that the under “Step 2: Device Actions was only the word “Immediately” rather than “Immediately” followed by details of the devices being controlled”. This did not happen with all Scenes only those that had previously triggered Fibaro Double Switch 2s (FGS-223).