UI7 - 7.29 Beta Core Firmware Release

BETA - Warning

The links below are for Beta software, and they are not recommended for testing on a production machine and are intended for beta testers only. Please try at your own risk.

Hi All,

I’m pleased to announce the beta release of our new 7.29 firmware. We have been using our internal team as a closed-beta group for some time now, and spent the weekend and yesterday fixing some last minute bugs that we wanted to resolve before sending this out. Of course, there are more still out there—but rather than delay further, we’re releasing this now to ask you to help us find all the bugs you possibly can. This will ensure our general release is as clean as can be.

As noted in my initial post about this release, we have focused on the following items:

  • Improving wireless and wired connectivity for more reliable device communication to and from your controllers
  • Firmware stabilization, with key upgrades coming in the areas of Geofencing, notification behavior (reduced false positives), and day to day functionality of your system
  • More Device Integrations

A full list of release notes can be found here.

We have fixed a large number of known issues but there are still some remaining. Additionally, there are some device-specific issues that we are aware of and are working to fix.

On the Google Home front, from our perspective it’s working great—but we have to get approval on our integration from Google before we can release it. This has been submitted to Google already, and we are awaiting their reply. As soon they approve this, we will release our Google Home support compatible with 7.29.

In regards to the new beta firmware—be sure to back up your Vera Smart Home Controller before installing the software. Install only on non-production controllers that are not critical to your setup.

To report any bugs you’ve found, we have created a new thread on the forum. You can find it here.

Below are links to the new software. Thanks in advance for your help! We’re looking forward to seeing what you find.