UI7 Support for PLEG/PLTS plugins

I have release part 1 of the PLEG/PLTS/PLC plugins for UI7.
It’s missing a significant piece of functionality … the Action Editor … more on this below.
There are some serious state management issues in UI7 …

I suggest you ALWAYS refresh your browser before starting to change ANY data in UI7 (other than the normal interacting with devices).

My Plans for UI7 are:

  1. To Allow the UI7 modes as Input Triggers in PLEG/PLTS.
    I will have to investigate if I can change them as an Action.
  2. Clean up the UI … take advantage of the larger screen real estate in the editors.
    UI7 is very inefficient with screen resources. Tons of wasted white space … yet it still truncates and/or does not display some info correctly.
  3. The major issue is the Actions Editor.
    I used the Scene editor in UI5. I do not like the UI7 Scene editor … nor do I think it lends itself to PLEG capabilities.
    You can think of PLEG/PLTS as multiple inter-related Vera Scenes.
    I have some ideas on how to do this … If others have some strong feelings and/or suggestions … please comment.
    The key features need to be:
    a) Manage Immediate and Delayed Actions
    b) Allow any device to participate in the Actions
    c) Allow simple interactions with devices that do not need additional input or that use standard controls (i.e Switch On/Off, Light Dimming …)
    d) Allow expert interaction with ALL defined actions for a device … as per the Advanced Tab in UI5 … in particular for those things that need user specified textual parameters.
    This will likely take some time … to do a nice job … Without (c) it could be done quickly.

My Vera updated today to UI7. Should I revert back to UI6? The PLEG plugin versions are 7.1 and 7.11. What caught my eye was that notifications appear to be missing from the menu now. At this point would you recommend holding off from using UI7 or is development good enough to use right now right now?

Thanks for all the great plugins. I’m really diggin’ PLEG and Vera Alerts. I’m a noob, so there is a ton I need to learn.

I am curious. Did it update on it’s own to 7? I find this concerning if it did.

I accidentally clicked update instead of connect and it updated to UI7. I’m too new to know if that’s the normal behavior.


I would like to verify if the newer versions of PLEG that are starting to integrate UI7 support are fully backwards compatible with UI5? If I stick with UI5 do I need to also stick with a certain version of PLEG?

Still curious about this? An answer would be appreciated.

You can run the same version on all platforms.

I just updated today from UI6 to UI7 and when I click on Startup LUA nothing happens (there is no popup) and when I click on Report or Status, a blank page is opened in a new window. I get this same behavior in Google Chrome Version 37.0.2062.124 m and in Firefox 32.0.3.

Additionally, when I click Run Now on an action, it doesn’t run. I also cannot edit an action (clicking on “Edit” does nothing)

This worked before the update (when I was running UI6)

I have a single PLEG device and I have a registration license. I’m running PLEG / PLEG Core 7.11 with auto-update enabled for the apps

My PLEG actions get run (two of my scheduled actions went off) and the Startup LUA is loading (I was it say so in the status once) and one of the actions that ran required functions in the Startup LUA. Actions are running in response to conditions, but I cannot run them manually or edit them.

I’m running Vera firmware 1.7.374 on a Veralite.

Any update on the ability to work with UI7???

Any estimate on the timeframe is appreciated. Thanks

I emailed RTS and he said

I will release a version this weekend that does NOT have a graphical scene editor ... i.e. it's like the advanced tab of the scene editor.

I give up on Pleg
It is so buggy. One minute I can edit Actions and then the next I can not.

I dont understand why.

Please release a fully working fix or is there a way to manually add actions. >:(

Ok…got it working.
I am starting to think my Vera has issues

So I upgraded to UI7 a few months back and have been very happy with it. Of course I had all of my PLEG configuration done while I was still in UI5. Is there a workaround for the actions portion? I’m a little stuck right now, I want to automate my Christmas lights which were not part of the configuration done while I was still in UI5.

You should be able to change actions now using LOCAL access.
I am waiting on MCV to fix a bug in the APP store so I can release the fix to allow Actions using Vera connected remotely.

Hi Richard
I am connected locally so I am expecting the Actions section to work as mentioned. When accessing this section I get an option to add or change intervals and a LUA box. Is this it? If so I missed something. There is also a Scenes section at the bottom one step back in the PLEG device. Has this got something to do with it?

Anyway, I just want to specify a scene to run when some conditions are met. Do I have to do this in LUA? And if so, how do I do that?
Sorry for all the questions but I am new to this and starting to get annoyed by UI7.


Make sure you have the latest PLugin Version (See Apps → MyApps)
It should be 7.27 (7.29 will fix the remote problem … but MCV has a bug in the App store and I can’t release it)
When you select Actions (Locally) you should have a LUA Tab and an Immediate tab, with the option to add other interval.
You can try to create an Immediate tab by creating an interval with 0 seconds delay.
When you select the Immediate tab or an interval tab you get the option to add devices to that interval.
Then you have to specify which command for that device you want to add.

Thanks Richard. I missed the “Immediate” button… Or my browser was messing with me.
Got it working!

YEP - As a usability issue I should probably default to the “Immediate” tab as opposed to the LUA tab.

Execution is left to right (LUA, then Immediate, then … delayed)
That was my original idea …
But most people do not use LUA code.

That’s why they have usability experts … and I am not one of them … although I like thinks my way :slight_smile: