Turning off automatic firmware updates for Ezlo Plus / Secure controllers

Looks like it might now be possible to turn off automatic firmware updates on Ezlo hubs ?

The ON / OFF labels look to be the wrong way round though.

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Ideally this area needs to act more like the Vera firmware hubs do.

  1. If I am using the latest publicly available firmware version? Then tell me.

  1. If I am not running the latest firmware version then offer me an update and tell me what its new version number is, so I can search the forum for any issues other users have had, before I decide to push the button to update my own hub.

no info is show for my controllers, does anyone have any idea why?

I get this message: “One controller is not supported now”

Post a screen shot. Where do you see that message?

How many and which types of Controllers do you have on your user account?

I have one ezlo plus and one vera plus

Can’t say I have seen that message before.

I also have a Ezlo Plus and Vera Plus on the same account. Along with an Ezlo Atom and Vera Edge.

Maybe try a different Web browser? Do you see that every time when going to the Controllers menu item?

Tried chrome, Firefox, and ie. All displaying the same thing. Yes, I see this every time when going to the controllers menu.


Any ideas, have you seen this before?

What’s the firmware version of your Ezlo Plus?

In the Vera mobile app look under settings and customer care at the bottom of that page.

I’ve asked the Devs to look at your issue.

How do I manually update/force a firmware update?

My Ezlo Plus is firmware version

There is no way to manually update other than rebooting the controller.

Ideally SSH into terminal on the controller as root and issue a reboot command.

Or failing that just power cycle the controller

Will give it a try now

Rebooting did not update firmware

Firmware remains

OK wait for the Devs to look at this thread then.

I’ve asked if there is a way to force an update.

Thank you. Any eta on when I will get a response from them?

Hi there, we have solved those two problems. They will be live on monday.

For manual update , it will be on our todo list, In fact we are planning to expose all vera functionality of course. Stay tuned.

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