thermometer for Pool/Spa temperature monitoring???

Is there a VeraLite compatible pool/spa temperature monitor (thermometer) that is available? I’ve been having a hard time finding one. (I don’t want a whole control system however which would be overkill plus too expensive - just something that reports back water temperature in a pool or spa)

Want to be able to (a) see the temperature in the VeraLite interfaces, plus also (b) have access to the temperature via LUA for scripting…

Have a search for in the forums as you can build some cheap sensors and there is already a plugin…


which plugin are you referring to Brett?

Arduino sensor plugin

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Note I’m still very interested if someone is aware of an off-the-shelf thermometer for Pool/Spa temperature monitoring I could purchase that integrates with VeraLite.


I use with my customers a 1-wire sensor DS18B20 connected to a Fibaro FGBS-001.
I put the sensor on a metallic coupling to have a good reading.


Thanks Damien

I can control the circuits (lights, pump, etc) but there is one quirk. Equipment device 0x01 is suppose to be main pool pump, but instead it is turning on spa pump. The rest behave as I expected. pass4sure ccie service provider
0x02 is Aux1, 0x03 is Aux2, etc. Has anyone decoded the Pentair protocol? I’m not sure how distinguish between pool and spa features.

Why not just use this. It works great and controls/monitors/automates all of my Pentair gear.


Thanks for sharing the information guys, I have a pool in my house and I was looking forward to regulate the temperature of my pool.

I’m using a one wire DS18B20 with a Fibaro sensor as well. I epoxied the sensor into i nylon fitting and replaced one of the drain plugs in my pump housing with it. Gives an extremely accurate reading of the pool temp so long as the pump is running. Anything attached to the pump or filter is only going to work effectively when the pump is running.

i have take it “sonde DS18B20 pour ARDUINO et DOMOTIQUE” with a fibaro fgk-101.
It work great but you must turn on the pump to watch the good temp.
I will make a sene to refresh the temp value when pump is on

I believe it’s going to refresh itself as the temperature changes. That’s what mine does. Then again, I have a variable speed pump that runs 24/7 (most of the time at a very low speed) so mine is always accurate. If you’re worried about having it accurate at all times, try to locate the sensor somewhere that you can drop it down into the pool itself. I have a line that comes up from my bottom drains that’s designed to break suction if something blocks them. I could have dropped it in the water there had I wanted to. Get creative if you can!!!

I too use a DS18B20 with a Figaro sensor.

Update - Due to the Fibaro sensor eating through batteries, I have hardwired the battery connections to the 3.3v output of the Arduino Mega that runs my pool. Wish I’d thought about doing that before. No more issues with the sensor dropping out and no further issue with batteries. Make sure you protect it from the elements though, or it won’t last long…

I use a solar panel and battery combo for my pool sensors. Plenty of power.

Have been thinking about this as well. A small panel and a 6v battery should run everything I have out there that’s not line voltage.

I know this is an old thread, but I have been watching and looking for this for a long time. I cannot believe that there isn’t a z-wave thermometer that would work in a hot tub yet… I just want to monitor the temperature, not control anything. Has anyone found anything?

Best Z-Wave solution going seems to be a Fibaro door sensor with an attached DS18B20. They’re actually designed to be used as a temperature sensor…

@Mike, thanks for the idea. I too wish there was a device already set up and designed for pools. I think pool zwave tech is severely behind the times.

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