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I havent added support for the virtual switch for the intents. The virtual switch uses a different device type than the binary switch. I’ll try and get this added in the next beta release.

  • Garrett

I have tasker changing 4 Virtual ON/OFF Switches without any problems.

You are correct, I just checked the code and it is in there. I got mixed up and was referring that the virtual switch function is not yet implemented into the voice recognition part. To issue an intent for the virtual switch, you’ll need to use the following:

For on:

For off:

This will work with devices that have a device type of “BinaryLight:1”, “DimmableLight:1”, or “VSwitch:1”.

  • Garrett

Turns out it is an issue with NFC Task Launcher. If you have the “open in background” option checked when you create a task calling a URL, it won’t execute properly. Once I recreated the task with that unchecked, it worked fine.

Glad to hear it is working for you.

  • Garrett

Tasker is a fantastic Android app. The only problem is to figure out what to do with it.

Here is my setup with Tasker, AutHomation and the Vera plugin PLEG. http://forum.micasaverde.com/index.php/board,48.0.html

I have 2 Tasker profiles for controlling 2 virtuel switches (per phone) in Vera with AutHomation intents:
Home. Changes the “Rhome” switch when the phone is connected to my home wifi ssid + changes phone sound level and switches pattern lock off.
Bed. Changes the “Rbed” switch when connected to my top floor wifi bssid and to the phone charger + puts the phone in silent.

In PLEG I have a couple of conditions:
Lights out = (ABed or ANotHome) and (RNotHome or RBed)
Outside Light = ((tNight; RHome) or (tNight; AHome)) and tNight
Welcome home light = (LivingFree; OutsideLight; FrontDoorOpen) and LivingFree and OutsideLight
LivingFree = ABed or ANotHome or RBed or ANotHome (Needed for the prevues condition so lights only come on if the lower floor is unoccupied)

Its not perfect but its working. I hope someone else also have some nice profiles/ideas to share.
Automated phone, automated house.


That’s a great idea. Thanks for sharing.

Just one question if you don’t mind: how do you use tasker to determine if you’re home or not? Is there a transparent method? I’m using wifi signals, but I find it’s not accurate since our phones go into sleep mode often enough to trigger the “away” switch.

I’m thinking about using NFC tags at the door, but this really kills the convenience since the phone has to be on and unlocked in order for the scan to work.

I’ve considered using cell towers, but there are plenty of times when we’re out walking in the neighborhood (and away from the house), so it may not be precise enough.

Just curious. Is it possible to have vera communicate the other way? I.E. send intents to tasker on scene trigger such as a motion sensor tripping or temperature reaching a certain degree?

Yes I use State / WiFi connected but you need to go in to setting (of android), Wifi and advanced wifi settings, select “always” in the “keep Wi-Fi on during sleep” (it actually saves you battery when connected to wifi).
The home enter task consists of: stop task home exit, wait 10 seconds and then send intent.
The home exit task: wait 5 minuts, send intent if profile home not active.
This works with switching between my 2 wifi access points.

The other way is possible if you have the “Vera alerts” app and let Tasker decode its notification to tasks.

Could you please elaborate on how to do this?

Install Vera Alerts on the Vera and on the phone and set it up to work.
In android settings go to accessibility and switch Tasker to on (this makes Tasker able to read notifications).
Make a new profile with Event / UI / Notification and select owner application Vera Alerts.
In the enter task select you action, for example “silent mode off” select “if” and put in %NTITLE ~ unmute
Now Tasker will perform the action when you send a message with the keyword unmute in from Vera via Vera Alerts.
Continue add actions of choice in the enter task with different “ifs” and keywords.
Order doesn’t matter, Tasker will not perform the action if the “if” keyword doesn’t match and will continue down the list of actions.

Thanks for the info … I was wondering why I had not previously been asked to integrate Vera Alerts and Tasker.

[quote=“RichardTSchaefer, post:32, topic:173172”]@Ric
Thanks for the info … I was wondering why I had not previously been asked to integrate Vera Alerts and Tasker.[/quote]

Haven’t I requested this? Getting my phone to tell Vera Alerts who’s calling would be fantastic!

I think it would be a stretch to have a phone call detected by Tasker to send an alert to Vera Alerts with the CallerID … so that it’s Text to Voice … option would announce the CallerID.

Maybe there is already a TTS application that you can use.

There’s plenty of examples out there of people using Tasker to announce caller ID. Am I correct in saying that any output Tasker could give to Vera Alerts would be useless in creating on the fly notifications? What if I had triggers set up for all of my contacts with unique messages? The reason I want to use Vera Alerts as opposed to one of the many solutions for getting Android phones to speak caller id is that I don’t use the cell phone much while at home and I would like announcements over my Vera Alerts general home speaker setup. Both phones have the same number.

This is in wrong forum. Could a mod please peel it off to a new thread in the Vera Alerts forum please?

Sins Vera Alerts is only vera to phone? You can use AutoRemote and tasker to send messages between your devices and have it Text To Speech.
I use tasker and ivona to read my gtalk, sms and whatsapp when im home or in the car. Haven’t tired AutoRemote yet just read about it.

I have followed the instructions for setting up Tasker/Autohomation to the letter, but I think I must be missing some important first step. Authomation is setup and working on 2 android devices. I have changed the device ID to my own (3000XXXX), and I have looked up the device number of the device I want to control (Device #7, my office light (double checked - the ID is 5, device is 7 in bold on the setting page)). I have checked the settings and syntax at least 5 times, so I know it is correct.

Action: android.intent.action.VIEW
Data: authomation://device/3000MINE/7/on
Target: Activity

When I push the “play” icon, nothing happens, even though I am able to control the light fine in the Authomation app.

Is it that I am running a newer version of Tasker? (I do not have the blue check mark button - instead I click the upper left hand button)

Is it that I need some kind of plugin for Taker for Authomation that is not listed in the newbie instructions?

Thanks in advance, and sorry for the newb question, I am just at a point that I cannot figure it out…

I’m not exactly clear on what you mean by “3000MINE”.

Let us say the number of your Vera is 51638.

Then the command would be “authomation://device/51638/7/on”

Yes recently Tasker had a bit of an overhaul done to the UI.

There is not plugin needed for Tasker. I’m sure there’s some simple error that you’ll iron out in time.


Which version of the app are you using? Are you using the one from the play store or the current beta? This will only work with the beta version of AutHomationHD found here on the forum. I will be releasing an official version of the app very soon to the play market.

  • Garrett

Garrett, that was the issue, I was running the version from the Market. Once I loaded the app from the link in your other thread, it worked perfectly. Thank you very much for the app and the response!

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