Switching Open/Close on Shade Device

I’ve just installed a new patio awning, along with a Somfy ZRTSI z-wave bridge - everything connecting and working great through Vera. However, and this is a nit-pick, the awning control includes as a standard z-wave shade control with Open/Close buttons. This doesn’t impact any functionality, but in the case of an awning, the [Close] button extends the awning, and the [Open] button retracts it. Kinda counter-intuitive.

I am curious if there’s a way to customize the device in Vera to reverse the behaviour of those standard buttons, so the [Open] button would extend the awning (or close the shade) and vice-versa.

Again, not a big deal - everything is working perfectly - just more of a nuisance for me.

You could use a Switch Board virtual Windows Covering, and that way you can invert the functionality using scenes to do the right thing. Or you can grab the XML and JSON file that your Awning is using, download it edit it to flip the behavior, save it with a new name, upload it and point your Awning devices to the new files, to invert the open/close. Doesn’t looks like there is native functionality to invert open/close as an advanced option for that device.

I think that you can reverse the Somify open & close direction using the remote in programming mode. The buttons on your remote will then be inverted but I think that will translate into the Vera behavior that you want.

Plus, there’s always ReverseOnOff variable under urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:HaDevice1 that, if my memory is not failing, should be also available for roller shutters.