Support of Ezlo controllers in Vera Mobile Desktop

For some reason I’m not able to access my Ezlo Plus controller from Vera Mobile Desktop. There I could see both my controllers but able t o connect onyl to Vera. Ezlo is always offline.

Using an Android version is a pain in the *ss (although I’m currently using it) to develop and test lua scripts.
Is there a plan to add support of Ezlo controllers to the desktop version?

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Hello @Erick,

Hope you’re doing great!

The new web interface specifically for Ezlo controllers is

Please note that this interface is not officially released yet (we do not have an estimated time for the web to be completely available, but we are expecting to have it this year), however here I leave you more information if you want to try the Beta version: EZLO WEB UI in Beta. The credentials to log in are the same you use in Vera.

Hello @StefanyCantero ,
Thank you for reply. Tried it before without much success. The UI is not useful to create scenes with lua scripts.

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