Support for Everspring HSM02 Mini Door/Window Sensor


Does anyone know whether Vera supports the Everspring Z-Wave Mini Door/Window Sensor (HSM02)? It’s small and reasonably priced at Amazon & eBay. TIA…

I see no reason why it shouldn’t be supported.


I just purchased 2 and have not been able to pair them. Both indicate Chromatic HSM02 on the label and indicate frequency 908.42

According to the this blog post the sensors may not be supported by Vera as of yet:

HSM02 review (translated)

Did you try excluding them first, before including?

I finally got them to work. Needed to press the cover switch several times quickly to get into include mode. No documentation anywhere. The MCV wiki shows only the Euro version - needs to be updated.

I found the manual for the sensor:

Did Vera recognize them as door/window sensors? Do you recommend them? I’m thinking to order a couple.

Thanks for the manual. A bit confusing as are all manual written by the Chinese or other languages.

Yes I think I would recommend them from what I see so far. Battery life is the only question mark now. They mount using adhensive tape alone. I hope it sticks well.

It shows up as a motion sensor in UI5, which has the same graphics as a door sensor.

Just received 3 of them

Going to test now :slight_smile:

Ok, it works just fine, less than 1 minute to configure.

Screenshot is attached.

Looks like Vera supports them without any issues…

One note: the behaviour is a bit different, red LED is not flashing when opened / closed, but still status is updated correctly in the UI

H i Shapa,

also got a pair of those HSM02, I don’t think it is a standard behavior to have it detected as a Motion Sensor where it is Door/Window sensor, don’t you think ? Especially in terms of command and UI. On my side, opening contact on the HSM02 are not triggering anything on the vera Lite.

Anyone knows if this detection error would be corrected in a near future ?



they are working for me. Yes, they appear as motion sensors, but all needed functionality is there. If the door/window is opened, the icon changes from green to red on the UI (and vice versa), this indicates that vera is updating the state correctly. If you arm them and add scenes with proper triggers they should fire correctly. If not working for you, make sure they completed configuration, or perform a heal.

It is only cosmetic issue, as everything works fine with “motion sensor”

However, I still prefer to use old-style sensors as they are more suitable to connect with external (wired) door magnets

ok thx both of you for your feedback.
I’ve scripted these HSM02 and it does work.
I’ve actually try to force the device “typing” by getting into the advanced properties and changing into an Door Sensor both the device file and the device type, but does not seem to solve the presentation issue.
Will wait for official update;


I’ve been able to add this device but it just says “waiting for device to wakeup” and it won’t configure. Any ideas?

You probably need to wait for the wakeup period to elapse (1800 secs default on mine - V2, UI4 1.1.1338) or slide off the batttery cover to activate the tamper switch which normally prompts a wakeup.

Its been on overnight - but I’ll try the battery.

I’ve got the HSM02 to work… but it doesn’t show up in the phone web-interface (ww-wmios-com/phone under sensors) or in any iOS app (VeraMobile, eControl Lite). Anybody else experiencing this issue?

Using Vera Lite and UI5 with latest firmware.

Ok… in the VeraMobile iOS app I found the sensors under Security → tab Security. So the eControl Lite app doesn’t seem to support this.

I also changed the XML file for my HSM02 door/window sensors to D_DoorSensor1.xml (under configuration (the wrench-button) > Advanced > device_file). Then the icon changes to a door. As far as I can see the behaviour does not change. I find the other icon (green man standing or red man running) more clear, so maybe I’ll change it back the way it was ;D

I’m using these devices with my Vera successfully on my networked door project:

What I have seen is that there is an issue with the battery status reported though.
This devices returns 60% battery level with new batteries.