Support for Everspring HSM02 Mini Door/Window Sensor

[quote=“dreamgreenhouse, post:20, topic:171115”]I’m using these devices with my Vera successfully on my networked door project:

What I have seen is that there is an issue with the battery status reported though.
This devices returns 60% battery level with new batteries.[/quote]

Yes, same behavior here, but it stays around the %60 and %40 levels for a very long time. In general, I’m happy with the battery level.

I just bought one of the Fibaro 3-in-1 sensors and have had constant problems with (as have others) and was thinking of getting one of these as an alternative.

Think I’ll go ahead and place my order! ;D

what are the choices for door sensors that function properly in Vera?

this list may be a bit out of date, but it’s a good start:
I also have a few Schlage RS100HC door sensors that work well with Vera.


Just bought the HSM02 Mini Door/Window Contact Detector and a Fibaro Relay Insert 1 * 3 KW. I want to associate them, so that when the door is opend, the lights go on.

In Vera I made an association with the HSM02 (added a group, associate with the fibaro). Is this the only thing I have to do? Also, I want the lights to stay ‘on’ only for 10 minutes. Can I do this within the device, or do I have to make a scene for this?