Sundown-sunup events

I have a ZIR000 - ACT Homepro ZWave Motion Detector that turns on lights when tripped.

How can I set it up through Vera not to trip lights except from sunset to sunrise?

Thanks for any help.

I would just set up 2 additional Scenes; one to Arm the sensor at Sunset, and one to Disarm at sunrise, and then change the trigger to Armed sensor in your scene that turns the lights on. That is simplest solution I think.

Thank you for your help, it seems to be working.

Interestingly, at sunset, the lights come on as if the sensor was tripped. I guess it doesn’t do a logical if then with two conditions.

Small problem to avoid constant daytime tripping of lights.

It’s not totally clear how you set this up as I am not sure I was 100% clear on what I meant, but you should have 3 scenes now:

  1. At Sunset Arm Sensor
  2. At Sunrise DisArm Sensor
  3. When Armed Sensor is tripped turn light on

Are you saying you set this up as above, and when the sunset scene runs and arms the sensor the lights come on without tripping the sensor?

Slightly different subject, but related…

It appears that the “Relative to Sunrise/Sunset” timer setting will only let you go earlier than sunset by a minimum of one hour. There are no negative minutes in the minute-pulldown.

I’m asking because I live right at the foot of some mountains, and ideally, my evening lighting would turn on about 30 minutes before sunset. An hour before sunset it’s still pretty light, and therefore a total waste of electricity. So was hoping to offset sunset by 30 minutes.

Am I missing something, or is that capability just not there?

MCV, if you’re listening, I’d love some negative offsets on the timers for 15/30/45 minutes :slight_smile: