Struggling to get door sensors to generate any type of response

Hi folks,
I’m a new user to Ezlo, Mios, Vera and Zwave in general, but otherwise a techie.

I have an ezlo plus hub and bought 3 different door sensors to test, but struggling.

I started with the vera mobile app, had some hiccups with getting the hub connected either wired or wireless, but I’m past that now.

Along the way I was instructed to use Mios, which looks full featured and flexible, and two two door sensors I’ve set up work as expected at the Dashboard in Mios.

Problem - I can’t get anything working with a Meshbot. Have tried everything I can think of. I’m a hardware developer and fully understand the concepts of triggers and actions. The only sign of life I can see is clicking the run button on a notification Meshbot, doing that will send me an email. But nothing happens as the result of sensor open/close.

Problem - I can’t see any event history, not in Mios nor in mobile app. Support tells me it’s not working since the weekend. The fact that open/close registers in the dashboard tells me my sensors are working.

Suggestions ? I’m not in a time crunch, if there is a widespread problem and I need to wait a week I’ll do that.

I don’t seem to be allowed to add an image, but my meshbot matches what support told me and what I find online, and common sense.

(update - I see that I can add images)

Try creating a “Local” Meshbot rule with a Device trigger for your Door contact sensor. Opened or Closed etc.

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Some door sensors have an arm and disarm capability. They can also show up as a master and a slave device. The master is where it is armed. Chose a trigger condition that ignores the state of the arm disarm if you have that option. Then see if this fires your action.

Be sure

Yes that is the “Armed State”

So if you want want the rule to be triggered when the door contact sensor is “armed” then you would set that drop down menu to “armed”.

Or just leave it as “any” and then the rule will trigger if the door sensor is armed or disarmed.

That’s exactly what I’ve done, and my trigger looks the same as your image. My sensors are Fibaro FGDW-002 and Ecolink DW-ZWAVE2.5-ECO, neither seem to trigger an action.

Thanks, I’ve seen the capability to set Armed state but left it as ‘any’, I’m just trying to get something to work so keeping it as simple as possible.

The Action block also has True and False tabs, I’ve mostly tested with True, and I think that False would only help if I’m using a Trigger group (which I’m not)

Not sure then, I have two meshbot rules with different door contact sensors and they are still working today.

True Action is what happens when your trigger goes true.

False Action is the reverse and what happens when the trigger goes false. You don’t necessarily need a False Action however.

What have you got happening in your action?

Maybe try a different action just as a test.

Also in the Meshbot rules trigger you should be able to watch and see the door contacts “Current Value” state changing when you open and close the contact.

For example here I have the contact open and it says its opened

This should change in real time, however I had to refresh the web page first until it started doing so.

Sweet - I hadn’t thought that the trigger could be live, but I can see it change dynamically. Oddly at first it didn’t work, and repeated refreshes gave me odd results which suggested a large minutes + delay, but I’m now able to see the state change while editing the trigger.

This hasn’t solved the problem, but it’s more comforting to see at least the trigger is sensing it’s input.

For the Action block ‘True’ I’m using Notification, and my ‘verasocc’ username, and both push and email for Channels. I’ve also tried adding another user that started appearing Sup_xxxxxxxxx where the x’s are my serial number. I’m not certain where push notifications should be appearing, I only have the Vera mobile app on my android phone right now. But the email associated with my verasocc userid should work.

A support guy told me to use a gmail acct but that’s an annoyance, my life revolves around a different email host. And when clicking on the Run Once button does send an email for a Notification Mashbot (but not for a local automation Meshbot).

Ultimately I don’t want/need email notifications anyway, and none of the event history options available to me are working either. Push notifications along with being able to dig back into recent history is all I need at the moment.

Edit - I just installed the beta Mios app and same result, alerts/events don’t appear there.

I can’t comment about the Ezlo alerts at the moment as I don’t use them. I could maybe try them later.

I use Telegram messenger and have my rules action send a notification to Telegram via a HTTP request.

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I assume you saw this recent thread about issues with alerts ?

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That’s super awesome. I see there are other integrations, and HTTP requests are probably something I can connect to a crm I use ( which has a robust workflow system that I can use for more complex triggers and reporting.

Thanks so much for the comments cw-kid, and no I hadn’t seen the thread about alerts. I figured there would be lots of discussion about them, maybe I didn’t look in the right place.

Thanks !

I’m not familiar with that CRM but Ezlo are developing a cloud based integration platform similar to that of IFTTT perhaps you could request they take a look at possible integration.

Ezlo call it NuCal.

With regard to using Telegram messager for notifications, I end up with a history of everything that looks like this.

Ezlo Push notifications to the Vera or MIOS Android apps are working OK for me. They pop up on my phone. Don’t think it stores a running history of those however, which is why I am using Telegram instead.

Email notifications are not working for me currently however. I got no emails in my inbox.


Email notifications are actually working OK for me, they were being auto filtered into a different folder. So all looks to be working fine for me.

hi @verasocc ,

The sensors should fine actually. I would get one of our support members to look at your hub logs in detail to check if there is anything wrong.
Everything you are doing is correct about meshbots and notifications. So any cloud notification meshbot and local meshbot with notification action in it should work. You can individually select whether to receive email or push notifications.
The alerts section however just shows some critical/error events in history, such as “low battery” , “meshbot failed” etc… We are however currently working on a newver version where you will be able to see all messages back and forth the controller and cloud. Stay tuned for that.
And for the CRM system, let us check that and have it in our integrations list .

@SaraV can you check controller here pls.