ALERTS? does everyone else get alerts?

My Ezlo Plus & Vera implementation continues to struggle.
Presently, I do not receive ALERTS through any means.
About a week ago, the ALERTS seemed to work for a single day.

The support team has been wonderful for turnaround. However, my last message was that there is a GLOBAL problem and a new release will fix it.

So, I came to the community expecting to find all types of complaints about ALERTS. There does not seem to be any recent posts about this from customers or staff?

I just don’t get it… how can this be a global problem - that nobody complains about ??
I really have little use for this technology without the ALERTS - maybe its just me.

I am not looking for the ALERT solution since the support people are working on it.
I am really trying to figure out when this architecture might stabilize…and where is it going?

Where can a person plug in to understand what is going on with this product line?

Hello dsmithlib,

We’re sorry for the inconvenience you’re having with alerts. Would you mind sharing your unit’s serial number via PM to verify its settings?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @dsmithlib ,

I’m product manager, let me get the details from the support team. And will clarify what is the problem.

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I just created a Notification only Meshbot and I got push notifications to both the Vera and MIOS Android apps. But don’t think the email notification worked.

Also when a Notification Meshbot is enabled its button is grey not green like the others.

Green being a customised colour I picked for my UI etc.


Email notifications are actually working OK for me, they were being auto filtered into a different folder. So all looks to be working fine for me.

we are also checking it on our end.
The cloud meshbots (including notification) does not have enable/disable feature. Thats why they are gray. This has nothing to do with the problem here. We also receive notifications on our end.

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Osman Both Push and Email notifications seem to be working OK for me currently.

I would like a running history / record of Push notifications to be stored in the Vera / Mios app however, that doesn’t seem to be the case currently.

@dsmithlib can you confirm do you still have the case ?