Smartphone Interface - "Remember Me" checkbox

Has anyone managed to get the “Remember Me” checkbox in the SmartPhone interface to work? I remember seeing in some posting a while back that it has something to do with cookies/security in the BlackBerry web browser itself. If anyone knows exactly which settings to modify for this to work, your reply would be most appreciated. I hate typing in my full username and password evertime I access Findvera from my BlackBerry.

Can’t help with BlackBerry, but “Remember Me” works very well on my WinMo with OperaMbile 9.5

Maybe too well, as it does not even show the login screen (even pre-filled) any more. Don’t forget to lock your cell phone… :slight_smile:

Not certain about the iPhone, but in the iPod touch I had to set something in the Safari settings. Now it remembers me. I wish the interface worked just a little bit better though. Like maybe showing dimmer settings that are not exactly 25%, 50% etc. Maybe someday


Works perfect on my iPhone and Vera version 979