Hello all,

I’ve been encountering some unusual sluggishness with my VeraSecure controller lately and thought it’s time to seek some insights from the community.

Three of my motion sensors in the kitchen used to turn on the light almost instantly, but since the onset of this problem, there’s been a noticeable delay. The lights now often take 10 to 15 seconds to respond.

The issue may have started a couple of weeks ago, possibly after I attempted to establish an association between two devices. Unfortunately, the association failed, and I eventually ended up deleting it after a few minutes of troubleshooting (though I can’t be entirely certain this is the root cause).

I initially ignored the sluggishness and hoped it would resolve on its own, but it persists. Today, in an effort to understand what might be going on, I looked into the controller log. I observed certain peculiar patterns…

Within a span of about two hours from the start of the log to ‘now’, the log registered 767 occurrences of the following line:

NotifyForeignMasters no response from (I do have a master and a slave, but nowhere near these IP addresses)

455 occurrences of the following line:

luup_log:6: G550> Storage level info updated

58 occurrences of the following line:

poll list full, deleting old one

Over 40 occurrences of the following line:

UserData::TempLogFileSystemFailure start

Also note that in order to troubleshoot this, I tried manually setting the variable ‘tripped’ to “1” on any of those motion-sensors, and the light turned on immediately, so the problem Is not related to the ReactorLogic nor the Scene.

I’m reaching out to the community for guidance. Do these log entries provide any insights into the performance concerns I’m facing? Any suggestions on how to address this or explanation of these messages would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you in advance for your assistance!


Perhaps a tad simplistic, but did you try a reboot of Vera. Wondering if a memory leak has choked the system.

I’ve noticed similar slowness issues with my motion sensors. Haven’t looked into it as yet.

I have did like this

we’ll see