Schlage lamp relay doesn't work

In my home, I have installed 4 Schlage Link locks with 4 lamp relays spread out so that no relay is more than 10 feet away from a lock. The lock that farthest away from the Vera base unit (about 75 feet, through a couple walls) has a lamp relay less than 2 feet away from it. I can successfully control the lamp relay (change it’s on/off setting and poll it) so I know it’s working.

However, when I try to lock/unlock, or add/remove a code on the lock, it always fails. When I try to poll the node, it fails as well. I’ve performed several repairs, but that doesn’t seem to help. Also, in the advanced settings, it seems as if the neighbors setting is correctly configured. The only way I can control the lock using Vera is if I physically take the base unit and move it to the door.

It appears as if the lamp relays don’t work as advertised. Has anyone ever been able to successfully control a Schlage lock using the lamp relay? If so, how did you configure it? Please let me know as it is very annoying that I can’t control locks that cannot communicate directly with the base unit.

First thing is try to move vera closer to the lock, repair the network, and try again. If this works, then try moving vera further away and repair the network yet again. This will probably fix the issue, the schlage and GE/Jasco modules should support the “beam” signal for the locks and help extend the distance vera can be from the lock, but keep in mind the GE/Jasco modules must be firmware 2.0a or 3.0a or higher to support this.

I’ll give the repair another try as you’ve suggested.

How can I check the current firmware on the device? There doesn’t seem to be a firmware version listed in device settings. Also, the manufacturer on the lamp devices shows ACT - Advanced Control Technologies, not GE/Jasco.

I have four Schlage lamp modules, too, and none of them work with the lock as advertised. I have tried what myhomeserver has suggested and, for me, it has never worked with any of the many versions of Vera software or with any number of network repairs. I am forced to keep Vera up in the front of the house, close to the lock.

I have one Schlage lock, and one Lamp Module between Vera and the lock, and it seems to be doing its job. Before I installed the module, Vera’s communication with the lock was flakey, so I know it made a difference. However, there’s only about 10 feet between Vera and the lamp module, and then maybe another 15 feet (through an exterior wall) from the module to the lock. So I’m not spanning great distances, in case that might have something to do with effectivity.