Scheduled (relative to Sunset) Scene not Firing

I’ve setup a very simple scheduled scene to retract my patio awning one hour before Sunset every day. Pretty basic stuff, yet for some inexplicable reason, the scene consistently isn’t ever firing, let alone one hour before sunset. I have several other scenes with other devices in my home that run based on some time before or after sunset - they have all been working perfectly for years. And I can fire the “retract awning” scene manually without any issue, so I know there’s not a problem with the device/communication. In fact, I have another scene that extends the awning every day at 14:30 - that works just fine too. I’ve even gone in and deleted and re-created the “retract awning” scene from scratch in case something got gummed up in the original one. No change.

Any thoughts on what could be happening here? Any guidance on where to look (the Vera logs?) to see what’s actually happening, if anything, at one hour before sunset?

Running VeraPlus, latest firmware.

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